Tips to Enhance your Sense of Well-Being

Life is not always easy. There are challenges every day of varying degrees. Sometimes we do not know which way to turn as we are pulled this way and that. Making decisions can be extremely hard to do, as we are geared up to be resistant to change. 

However, if you are not happy and know there is something wrong in your life, certain things need to change in order to make you happier and more confident. People have busy lives, and there is work, family, trying to maintain a social life, and then there is you. So, the first decision you need to make above everything else is to put yourself first. If you are running around on empty, this is not good for yourself, but it is also no good for anyone one else either, especially the children. Here are some ways to help enhance your sense of well-being.

Start saying ‘no’

No can be the most empowering word in the language. If you are a person who does run around after other people, who finds it difficult to say no, who will take on too much, and allows themselves to be used, then you must, for your own sake start saying no. It may at first come to a shock to all the people who have been used to you helping out, but you will start seeing the power of this word, as the stresses you have felt and allowed to build up start seeping away. It is not your responsibility to constantly do minor tasks and jobs to help out work colleagues, for example. You also do not always have to go for coffee, or the pub with friends and work colleagues, if you d not have time and are tired. You do not need to be a people pleaser, no one respects you for it anyway, and you end up running ragged with no one to help you.

Have some alone time.

Nothing is more important than having time to yourself. If you genuinely do have a hectic schedule, it need only be for ten minutes or at first until you have managed to make other changes in your life. You need this time to reflect on your life and circumstances, to figure out where you are and where you are going. So, sit in a room alone, turn the phone off, and try and relax. It may be worth your while learning how to meditate as this can really teach you how to switch off from the outside world, forget everything for a few minutes and relax completely. You will find the stresses and strains of your life seeps out of your pores, and in this state, a new focus will take route. You will begin to see what is important in your life and what is not. Sometimes when we are living, we are so caught up in what we are doing we are unable to see clearly. Alone time and proper contemplation will help you see a more self-productive way forward by showing you what is essential.

Cut out bad habits

Not many people can honestly say they are entirely healthy. We all have our vices. Whether they be too many sweets, cakes, fatty foods, or smoking or drinking too much alcohol, there is something we can improve. If you are a person who does eat too many sweets and fatty foods, next time you go to the supermarket, start making healthier choices. It may be an idea to write a list before you go, but health does start in the kitchen. If you can begin forming better eating habits, not only will your body love you, but you will be rewarded with a higher sense of well-being, merely for the fact you have made a healthy choice and stuck to it. Also, to reinforce the good you are doing with food, if you can stop smoking, or drinking so much all the better. Every bad thing that you do that you can start cutting out, the better. This goes for cutin out those toxic friends or spending too much time on social media too. None of that is good for your mental health.

Focus on health

There are many ways to do this. The most obvious is getting more exercise. Don’t worry, you do not have to become a gym enthusiast overnight. If you genuinely do little to no exercise and want to makes changes but don’t know how, start by parking a little further away from the office or walking to the corner shop instead of driving. On weekends you could upgrade to family walks and outings, anything that means you’re moving more than you did before. And if you combine that with healthy eating, you will see results faster. If you can go out jogging or joining a keep-fit class all the better. In addition, are there any health concerns you have been putting off, like deteriorating eyesight. If you are, get a eye checkup asap, if you do need help seeing there are so many choices, mens glasses, for example, are stylish and fashionable now, as are women's.

Get more sleep

If you do suffer from lack of sleep, than you probably are struggling in everyday life. Not only will you be feeling tired all the time, but you are setting yourself up for some serious problems going forward, such as diabetes, heart attack, and heart failure, you are even at higher risk of suffering a stroke. For some people, sleep is extremely underrated. It is during sleep that the body heals itself and transforms short term memories into long term ones. So, you may be struggling with your memory too. There are many reasons for lack of sleep, stress, being one of them, too much coffee or alcohol, staying up too late. If you are a chronic no-sleeper, it may be worth speaking to a doctor, as the more time goes on, the worse you will feel. Sleeping more will change your life in ways you can’t imagine. You will simply feel better.

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