Tips To Make Life More Spontaneous

Living life without structure can be fun, and when you are doing something spontaneously, it can sometimes end up being the most memorable. Here are some tips to make life more spontaneous if it isn’t already.

Have A Day With Nothing Planned
A lot of us will go ahead with our day with a specific plan or layout set. It might be to do some household chores, going to work or seeing friends. Try to have the odd day though, where you have nothing planned and instead take the day as it comes. Think of ways you could make it interesting, rather than just staying at home all day. Let your mind wander and figure out something for you to do for the day itself. Being able to relax sometimes is important and having a moment every now and then where your life has no structure, is good for you. A bit of chaos can be a good thing, and so it’s a good idea to do it more often.

Do Something Different

Doing something out of the ordinary is one way of being spontaneous. Think of things you’d usually do as a hobby or whatever that norm might be. To do something completely different, like trying edibles for the first time or going on a random walk around a new park you’ve not visited before is worth doing. Opening yourself up to new experiences can be good for the soul but can bring you those life experiences that you might be missing in your life, or perhaps have a lack of.

Get Off Your Electronic Device

Your electronics are something that stops you from living, and we can often be so consumed in our phones and on our laptops, that we forget to live our lives. Try to remove your electronic device and keep it out of reach, so that you can spend some more time in reality. Lock away or turn off your phone for a period of time so that you can spend some one-on-one time with yourself or with a friend or loved one. The more you do this, the better your connections will be, and the more comfortable you’ll feel within your own company.

Create A To-Do Jar

A to-do jar is a good idea for when you have these days of spontaneity and where you need a little inspiration. Create a jar that you can add in a load of different tasks and things to do, ranging from days out to small activities. Then, when you’re having a day to yourself, you can pick one out and do it. It’s a great thing to do, and your household can contribute a selection so that whatever is picked out, will be new to someone.

Being more spontaneous in your life is important and something that will bring you a lot of joy throughout your life. Use these tips as inspiration and create a life that’s full of adventure and fun, no matter what work or personal life gets in the way.

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