Genius GBuds Are 55% Off On Amazon!!

I don't know what changed over the past few weeks but it seems like I have been so much more focused on goals. I went on a little stretch where it felt like I just couldn't wrap my head around anything and all of my deadlines were barely being met. When I say barely I mean, in the air after the buzzer style.

Don't worry, this isn't one of those new year new me posts. I didn't set any major goals for the new ear this time. This post being at the beginning of January is a complete coincidence. Recently you have seen me post more personal music listening devices like speakers and earbuds. I have been finding music more inspiring and motivating which is awesome. The majority of my 30's have been stuck on autopilot and not sure much of anything I've really enjoyed. It's been more about what I've been supposed to do. Well, guys, I'm happy and I'm focused.

That being said, I listen to music 12+ hours per day. While I'm at work, while I'm driving, while I cook, the music is always on. So, for a more personal approach- since everyone isn't in the same level of musical appreciation as I am, what about some cool earbuds? Earbuds are great because they provide a personal listening experience and you don't have to get on anyone's nerves or in their personal ear space. And, if they want to hear it, you have let them listen to one while you listen to the other. Since they are wireless, you have plenty of space to move.

I was so excited when I found out about our collaboration with GBuds. These are lightweight supersound earbuds that are on a huge sale right now. The sale price is $49.99 from the regular price of $109.99. That's a 55% instant savings. That's already something great to start with!

I want to touch base on all of the factors that make Gbuds, Gbuds. If you have any questions as always you can send me a message with the blogger contact button or email me directly so don't be shy!!

Starting with the battery life and recharging time, you are going to be so impressed. Just 10 minutes gets you one hour of listening time. That's the recharge time that dreams are made of. I would love to charge my phone like that!!

The attachment options are amazing. There are 2 different ways to wear these earbuds so you are guaranteed to get the best fit for your ears. What's really cool is the carrying options. Let me explain it. Usually, when I get a new pair of earbuds it comes with a plastic bag of different sized earbud tips to give you options for a comfortable fit. There are 3 different sized ear tips to use but there are also the wingtips and the sports fit. The sports fit goes right on the case so they won't get lost! They go with you where ever you go!

If you are looking for great savings on an awesome product check out the Genius Gbuds on Amazon.

I received this product as a gift for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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