Three Things To Think About When Starting College

When it comes to the time when you’re about to start college, you can be filled with loads of different emotions including anxiety, worry but also excitement. You want to feel prepared for the unpredictable adventure that you’re about to start.

There are many things that you should think about before you start, below are a few to get you started:

Stay Connected To Freinds And Family

If you’re moving away to start College, you may find that you’re stuck with homesickness in the first few months. It can be hard making a move let alone starting Student Education programmes away from home. You should think about finding simple ways to keep connected to your family, old friends and even your new friends as it can be easy to get bogged down with studying and forget that you’re there to meet new people too. Think about having a diary where you can keep a note of important occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, create group chats with your family or old friends so you can always catch up and try to arrange times where you visit them or invite them to come and see your new home.

Embrace The New Experiences

There are going to be times where you face discomfort with the new experiences you have at college but the best way of tackling these is to embrace them. Discomfort actually brings you closer to your authentic self and can force you to learn a lot about yourself. Some people don’t realise what type of person they are until they leave for college. You might have thought you were an extroverted person at school but find that with the college you’re more of an introvert. It’s good to push yourself away from your comfort zone and learn about the real you. If you find a club that you like or see something that you would like to try, this is the time to sign up, spaces can fill up through the year so if you’re dying to challenge yourself this is your opportunity.

Welcome Week Isn’t For Losers

Freshers week or the welcome week is designed to help the newbies become integrated and feel more comfortable with college life. From some people, this has got a bad reputation and they feel like they want to leave it alone, however, this week is a fantastic opportunity for you to ask questions, learn about your new environment, join clubs and meet other new people. It’s a great way of making friends, you may even find that you make friends in your first week and you have them for life. Sharing experiences like this forms great bonds. Some people can feel alone in their freshman year, and this is completely normal. What you need to remember is that there is always support there for people who feel like this, don’t wait to reach out for help when there are people there to support you.

These three things will help you to feel more confident and comfortable about starting college, do you have any other advice that could help? Please share it in the comments below.

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