Your Teenager Deserves A Cool Hangout Space: Here's What To Include

Every single parent hates the idea of their baby growing up. We try to wish away those early newborn days when the baby is crying non-stop. We wish away the toddler years when they are into everything and trying to smash your best ornaments. The thing is, after this, they’re children and pre-teens, and they want independence, and they want to do their own thing. It’s this moment that we yearn for the newborn days when they couldn't pull away for a hug - so really, parents cannot win!

There is an excellent middle-ground for keeping your teenagers closer to you, though. If you have the money and the time, the best thing that you can do is to provide them with a space that’s both comfortable and welcoming - and you can do it in the home. You want your teens to bring home their friends and feel like they have somewhere to base themselves. It doesn't matter if they’re at the start of their teenage years or coming to the end of it, to be able to strengthen your relationship, you need to support them and surround them with love. This? This is the way you can do that while you add value to your home at the same time.

You want to be that “house to stay in” when it comes to your teen making decisions about what they do with their friends. You want to encourage a supportive atmosphere between your teenager, their friends and your house, and turning your basement into their new, cool hangout space is going to be something that they rave about! Let’s take a look at some of the things you can put into the basement for their enjoyment, your sanity, and your secure new bond.

Somewhere to Sit

You want to remodel the basement to create a cool hangout space, and for that, you need your teenagers to be able to lounge. The right seating can be anything from large beanbag sofas to a sunken sofa square. You want to build up the cushions and throws to create layers and warmth. This lounge space should be attractive and be everything your teens could wish to. Chuck in some gaming chairs if you really want an impressed audience of teenage kids in your home.

Excellent Wi-Fi

Even if they hang out and sit on their smartphones, or play video games for hours on end, your teenagers need to have a good Wi-Fi connection. It’ll help them and their friends to save their data, and you could get them to use the basement as a functional study space when they need to study as a team for exams.

Home Theater

A basement with a sunken seating area is going to be the perfect space for a projector and a screen to be set up. Use a screen that you can pull down from the ceiling and set up the projector opposite this so that they can chill out together and use the basement as a movie theater.

Surround Sound

With the movie theater option we mentioned, think about adding extra audio in the basement conversion. You want it to be an impressive and immersive experience, and additional audio will ensure that the viewing experience is excellent. You can also have it rigged to play music, too.


It’s nice to talk about the tech and comfort you can add to the basement, but unless it’s secure, you don’t want to put thousands of dollars worth of equipment in there. When you are building into the basement, you need to include high quality entry doors to be used to get in and out in an emergency. Add cameras and a new alarm for the door, too, as it’s different from the rest of the house. Keep your new hangout space secure - no matter the cost.

Modern Decor

No teenager wants to bring their friends to a dank and darkroom. You want to have light and inviting furniture, artwork and decor. A chalkboard wall could be the ideal decor for study sessions, and thick plush carpets offer to soundproof!


Okay, so you have teenagers in the house, and they will eat everything you have, whether you like it or not. So, on the pre-arranged days that your teen brings their friends round, stock the basement fridge with snacks just for them. They don’t have to have pizzas or takeaway foods; you can cook up some meals for them to graze on and get it loaded into the refrigerator. Don’t forget water, too. Hydration is so important!

So, you have put together the new sunken sofas; the walls have been painted, the doors have been replaced with better ones for better security. There have been carpets installed, and there’s a new surround sound system. Below, you’ll find some of the reasons WHY you should go through all of this for your teen:

Peace and quiet for the younger children in the family is a must. Being able to kick a group of rowdy teenagers into the basement is necessary. Teenagers are loud and creative, funny and serious all rolled into one. If you have your basement renovated to be a safe haven for them to hang out, you’re going to give the rest of the house some peace and quiet.

You can offer your teenager and their friends more space to spread out and do their thing. You give them breathing space and keep them close all at once, and it’s all because you gave them that room. The level of respect you can command from your teen because of it will make a massive difference in your relationship.

Lastly, you create a hangout that makes yours the place all the kids want to be in. Your teenager and their friends will 100% eat all your food and will make a mess. However, teach them all to clean up after themselves (they should already know how but it doesn't hurt to remind them!) and they’ll keep coming back. As they get older, you can evolve the space and make it the most relaxed place to be.

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