5 Steps To Improve Your Bathroom And Sell Your Home

When you’re selling your home, you’ll soon realize that even small things can make a real difference in how tempted someone is to buy. Buyers are looking for homes that are ready to move into, and rooms like the kitchen and bathroom can really impact the value of your home. An outdated bathroom can put off buyers and drop the value. Here are some easy steps to improve your bathroom and get your home ready to sell.

Identify what needs changing

Take a hard, objective look at your current bathroom to see what might be off-putting. Have you got a classic 70’s avocado-colored bathroom suite? Has the shower seen better days? Are the tiles looking tired and dated? Make a list of what should be changed to attract a buyer.

Decide whether you want a new or a redone bathroom

Depending on how big your list of changes is, you might need to have a whole new bathroom. Bring in a company like NJ Kitchens and Baths if you need a new bathroom suite. If the suite itself is ok, and the bathroom is just looking tired, some basic repairs, a deep clean, and a fresh coat of paint can be enough.

Get rid of damp

Damp or mildew will definitely put off a potential buyer and will suggest there is a problem with ventilation in the bathroom. Sort out any ventilation issues, and give everything a good clean. Regrout the tiles if they’re looking dingy from damp damage. Consider fitting a new extractor fan to stop the damp problem from resurfacing.

Tackle bigger jobs

If your bathroom is very out-dated, it may need everything replacing. A new bathroom suite doesn’t have to be expensive, but a new, white suite can make all the difference in the value of your house and your likelihood of getting a sale. If you do have a new suite put in, choose simple styles and always pick white, as this will suit all tastes and looks modern.

Make cosmetic changes

Take a leave from the books of showhomes, and dress your bathroom ready to be seen by potential buyers. You want to sell your home with the idea of what a lovely life the new owners might have there, and making the bathroom look nice can help with that. Make sure it has been cleaned well before you show the house. 

Tidy away any toiletries into the cupboard and make sure nobody has left a damp towel or bath mat lying around. Make sure the toilet seat and lid have been left down. If your bathroom is a bit out-dated, a nice set of smart, matching towels can help it to look better. Add some greenery to make things feel fresh and try and add pleasant smells with room sprays, candles or diffusers. 

Some small lifestyle items, like a pretty make-up mirror, or smart soap dispenser look good too. Show off your bathroom at it’s very best to encourage a viewer to imagine themselves using it.

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  1. They say kitchens and bathrooms sell homes. Every buyer wants to see those rooms in good condition.