5 Ways To Improve Your Home For Free


We all want to have a nice home that we can feel comfortable in and show off to guests. It’s easy to feel frustrated or disappointed if our homes don’t feel right. But when we have busy lives, it can be difficult to find the time to go to a superstore. Luckily, we can now shop online, which allows us to order items directly to our doorsteps, like DIY tools, online skirting boards, and furniture. But, alongside online shopping, there are plenty of ways to improve the feel of your home for free. So, what are they?


If you’re feeling frustrated with your home, it might be because it’s not tidy. A tidy home makes all the difference. But it can be difficult to keep homes tidy for long periods of time, particularly when you have pets or little children. Sometimes, it can feel as though you spend all your time cleaning reappearing mess. If this is the case, you might want to think about implementing some methods to reduce mess. For example, by rearranging your storage units or creating a playroom for your children, you might be able to minimize mess in certain areas and have more control over the tidiness of your home.

Natural light

Homes need natural light – and so do people. If you find yourself feeling in low spirits when you spend long periods of time at home, you might wish to consider finding ways of letting in some more natural light. Whilst you probably won’t be able to install more windows, you might want to consider changing your curtains or removing blinds to allow light to come in throughout the day. Opening up rooms that have sliding doors helps too – so there are windows on both sides of a room, instead of just one.


Homes always look a lot nicer when there’s some artwork on the walls. This doesn’t have to be expensive or even purchased. Your children probably enjoy doing arts and crafts, so why not hang up some of their masterpieces? Alternatively, you could support some local artists or go to an art gallery for inspiration.


Another way of making your home feel brighter, cleaner and fresher is to make sure it always smells nice. This is something you can do for free. For example, you can use old flowers to create potpourri by drying them, adding oil and leaving them in a closed container for a few weeks. Additionally, if you’re at home during the day, make sure you leave windows open and allow fresh air to get into the house.


A simple way to create a new vibe in your house is to rearrange the layout of the rooms. This involves moving your furniture and the way it’s positioned. Whilst it doesn’t require a lot of effort – or any money – it will change the feel of the space and it makes it feel new and exciting. Perfect if you’re feeling like a change of energy.


  1. You'd be surprised how simple, inexpensive things can change the look of a room. Colorful pillows can brighten the family room and new hardware on cabinets can change the kitchen.

  2. These are all great ideas. I love inexspensive ideas like these!