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Hi guys. 

I had a whole post planned out for our 10th wedding anniversary, it had a lot of ideas that will shine here but with the global crisis, I want to share that we can do these things with our family anytime. We shouldn't wait for those milestone markers to be creative guys. Any and every time you want to make memories with your family or make keepsakes with your family, just find the time to do it.

Today, being our first full day of #covid19 #selfquarantine, it's about the joys of being an instant homeschool teacher and a laid-off waitress. I want to share something a little more personal. 

In light of the current events, the restaurant I work at had to close it's doors to dining-in patrons. That meant that all but 5 employees were laid off. I am one of those 5 since I am the assistant manager now (YES!!!) will only be going in as they need me but I still have my position so I am happy. Since the schools have closed to the public, we will be homeschooling our youngest daughter and getting back to basics as we ride out this pandemic with the rest of the world.

We send our warmest wishes and deepest prayers and gratitude to all of those affected by Coronavirus and caring for the ill. We hope to see all of us come out of this with the smallest amount of loss. We love you all and thank you for being our most valued readers. 

I have been trying to rack my brain and think of something that we can do while we are in this house together, to make this not a dreaded time. For a little added transparency, I am happy to have this time with my family instead of being out and risking the spread of the infection. 

So, we all get those notifications on our devices with our memories from "on this day" or "a look back on this day". What about making something to physically hold on to? Not just in the cloud with our phones but,   something we can pull out every once in a while, dust it off, and write in it, just remember the kids and grandkids will be reading it someday :).  Maybe it's my age, maybe it's the pandemic, who knows but, I feel like this is one of my best ideas in a while. 

With the help of Pilot Pen USA, a message from the heart; a letter from me to my favorite person in the world, sharing my favorite memories of the past decade together married. Not just any simple letter but in a journal so we can both keep adding to it throughout the years. This is something that isn't just a quick gift, this is something that will grow as time goes and will be there forever. 

If you are wondering why I specifically chose Pilot Pen for this idea is the quality of the ink and the flow.  In a decade from now, a generation from now, the paper may turn colors but the ink will stay clear and solid. I love Pilot pens. My favorite model is the G-2 but they just sent us 2 Fountain pens, the Explorer and Metropolitan Animal, Python. Yes, they are awesome!! They make a great gift pen for someone special. In this case, it doesn't get much more special than this. In celebration of our 10 year wedding anniversary, this is absolutely perfect!!

A few years ago, Aron got me a little crystal figurine for my desk that said: "My favorite love story is ours". With that in mind, I let the fountain of memories flow. There were so many memories that I can't say here because it's too personal and they are more for feelings not just words but I know over the next few years, I will share them with you and I will cry (LOL) but here is one of my favorite memories: 

Aron always told me he would give me the moon and stars if I wanted them. That he loved me enough to find a way to make it happen. I've always loved the sentiment in the things he said.

Without warning, he did it! This specific memory was from right after we were married, every penny we had was going towards taking care of the family and fixing up our new place. Buying the silly sentimental little gifts was on hold and we both tried hard to share our appreciation for each other in other ways.  It was a tight stretch but we were doing it! 

After our evening chaos came the part that made me remember this night. I was only out of the room for a few minutes, 5 at the most. He must have had this all planned out! Our plan was to watch tv until we went to bed, that's still our routine. But, when I got back in there he was standing in the middle of our room with hundreds of tiny lights all around him. I have no idea how many strands of Christmas lights he had gotten out of the garage for this few minutes of fame but it was worth it. He said I know I can't really give you the stars but you are my world so, I wanted to make this world just for you (or something like that). That act became the night he gave me the whole universe. Yes, it gets me misty-eyed every time! I love him so much!

That's such a great memory. I never want to forget it. I want our kids and their kids to know how sweet life and love can be. These are the moments I want to capture in this journal. This is going to be great for years to come!

I am here to tell you, writing with this pen is awesome. The lines are so fine and exact with no skipping. I love it! There is no blotting or puddles on the page. I am so much more than impressed.

Thank you Pilot Pen USA for sharing our 10th Wedding Anniversary and giving us inspiration and hope during this rough time.  

So what is the Explorer Fountain Pen? This is the perfect 10-year wedding milestone gift idea. The 10 years "traditional gift" is aluminum and this pen is metal so it is in the traditional gift category. It's perfectly weighted and balanced for an even and smooth writing experience.

The ink cartridges are so easy to use too. All you have to do is unscrew the body of the pen, pull out the converter and add the ink cartridge. Make sure you give it enough time to let the ink get to the feed. 

For any of you looking for a great writing instrument that will stand the test of time Pilot Pen's Explorer is a perfect choice. It's refillable so you can keep it forever. I love it!

Check out Piot Pen USA on their website and social media to see what other awesome products they have to offer. You can find Pilot Pens in your local retailer and also online.

**update** Our store closed fully due to the Coronavirus outbreak and will be open again in a few weeks. You guys have me full time again!! I hope you are all staying safe. 

I received these products for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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