Sorting the kid clutter - 5 ways to sort your kids' toys

Is there anything more painful than stepping on toy brick? Or tripping over your kids' bikes? Whether it's in their rooms or in the hallway, kitchen or even something hiding in your handbag, kids’ toys get everywhere! It’s great that our children want to play, and imaginative play should certainly be encouraged, but do you ever feel like your home is completely overwhelmed?

Maybe they’re utterly spoilt over Christmas or they’ve just had a birthday, and everyone has treated them to some new toy box additions – if you're looking for gift inspiration click here to discover toys for 9 year olds – as lovely as these gestures are, it doesn't take long for things to get out of hand. Believe it or not, you don't have to get rid of their toys to make room. All you need is some time, some patience and some imagination of your own.

If you. like most parents, feel like you’re positively drowning in kid clutter and toys, then read on for 5 helpful ways to sort your kids' toys.

Dedicate a play area

Having toys all over the house is both dangerous and irritating! So, try to find an area of the house that you can specifically dedicate as a play area. Of course, kids can play in their rooms, but it's not fair to banish them to another part of the house just because they want to play. Consider an area in the living room or a vacant corner in the dining room where they can play safely and keep their toys in one secure, tidy place. Maybe even have a specific area for their more educational toys, so they can have a special area in your home that encourages them to learn whilst also having fun.


As mentioned above, you don't have to get rid of their toys to organize them. However, you should be proactive in removing toys that are otherwise broken, damaged or they have grown out of. That way you can keep on top of the number of toys in your home and not allow them to take over!

Sort and store certain items together

Rather than having one overflowing toybox, have several of them instead and sort and collect toys in each one. You could have one for cars and trucks, another for dolls and accessories, dressing up clothes, larger toys and soft toys. Organizing toys like this stops the kids from pulling out everything from one toy box.

Rotate toys

Your child may have so many toys, that they actually don’t know what they have. If this is the case, then box up some toys and place them in the attic or garage etc. Then after a month or so, swap those toys with the ones in their room/living area. Having toys on constant rotation is like having new toys every couple of weeks!

Let them request certain items

Puzzles, blocks, bricks and board games. Keeping these kinds of toys out of reach will help limit the mess, keep all the pieces together and intact and allows your children to appreciate them a little more. Let them come to you and request certain items that way you can monitor what is being played with.

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