Stop Saying ‘Bad Dog!’ Follow These 5 Simple Tips to Train Your Dog

It is no secret that people love dogs, and this is easy to tell from the large number of households that have one. Statistics from American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) indicate that there are 78 million dogs in the country, with about 44% of all households owning a dog.

While many of these dog owners are happy with their furry friends, many others are struggling to integrate the animals into their homes. Many new dog owners are in a hurry to have these pets around them and this leads to behavior issues in the future.

Whether you have taken your dog to a training facility or you have a private trainer at home, there are some basic things to consider. Take a look:

Choose the Right Name for your Dog

During dog training, the name plays a vital role as it helps the dog react to commands. You should choose a short name, preferably ending in a consonant. It makes it easier for the dog to remember and also hear whenever you or the trainer calls.

A shorter name is also easy for your kids to learn for quick bonding with the newest member of the family.

Choose the Right Trainer

Don’t rush to start training for your dog, but instead, take time to research the available training options. You can opt for a private trainer or look for a local training facility offering both day and boarding facilities.

If you are in Los Angeles, there’s such dog training  [available here]. The best trainers offer personalized attention to every dog based on the needs of the owner.

Maintain close contact with the dog trainer to learn any behavioral problems with your pet early enough. You can also opt for group class training, life skill and manners training and any other training program that suits your dogs’ needs.

Decide on House Rules As a Family

If you have a family and you want to bring in a dog, take time to set the house rules. It will be easier to train your dog when everyone understands the rules. For instance, will the dog be allowed in bedrooms, on seats, or will it have its own space? Your kids should follow these tips to avoid confusing the dog when training starts.

Reward Good Behavior

Goods are easy to train by using positive reinforcement. If you have bought a puppy, start reinforcing the good behavior early enough. Give the puppy its favorite treats when it gets something right.

Discourage Biting Early Enough

Most dog owners have problems with their furry friends due to biting and nipping. This is a problem you should work on early enough. Talk to your dog’s trainer on the best way to discourage this habit before it gets out of hand.

Wrapping Up

It might be cliché, but a dog is man’s best friend. If you can train your puppy right, it will become one of your best companions. Dogs can even sense your mood and try to cheer you up, which is one more reason to own one. For the best relationship with your furry friend, invest a lot of time in early training. Work with a qualified trainer and use these simple training tips.

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  1. I don't have a dog but these are great tips. Great for those thinking about getting one!