Things to help Boost your Child's Confidence!

In today’s world, there are many different factors that could impact on your child’s mental wellbeing and their confidence. From more and more engagement with online platforms that could harbour negative effects, too things that happen at school. It can be tough to grow up in today’s world. So, that is why this article is here to try and offer some relief with some tips and tricks on how to boost your child’s confidence!

Play a little Sports!

Sports and just playing outside, in general, can be a great way to really interact and engage with your children. It helps develop many skills, such as communication (which shall be spoken more about later). However, it also builds many critical skills that they will need in life such as learning to work with teams, learning rules and all with added health benefits of working outside! All of these things will be gained whilst at the same time having fun, which is the main reason why playing a sport is such a great choice.

What if my child struggles to Communicate?

This can be a common find in children who may lack confidence, or possible have a disability or issue that hinders their communication. There are many valid options to choose from that can help them better their communication and speech, such as speech therapy for kids which could be started within the school or home. 

Try some Cooking!

Cooking is also a great source of confidence-boosting for you and your children! Just like sports, it gets you and your child engaged in something, and this is also something that they can do with their friends as well! Cooking is something often looked at as only for adults, so let them help cook can give them an added sense of responsibility.

With cooking, it also teaching fundamental lessons, such as inputs and outputs. To bake a cake, the inputs being flour, sugar, milk and eggs, then the heat from the baking will give you your output, which will be the cake. Being able to see the fruits of your labour and also then eat it, will be something special and mean a lot to the children when they do it. It can become a regular thing and something they can really look forward too. Therefore, improving their confidence, and also producing good food at the same time! It is a win-win! 

Learn an Instrument
By learning an instrument, just like the others above in this post, it gets the child to see the fruits of their labour and also engage in learning brand new skills. Dependant on how quickly they can learn, they could learn an instrument quite quickly, and then witness that progress by showcasing what they have learnt to other, thus giving them more confidence and pride to learn even more and keep improving.

These are really great ways to help improve your child’s confidence, but every child is different, so make sure you do what is best for them, as that at the end of the day is all that matters.

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