Stay Safe At Home With Sinocare

Staying home and staying healthy is so important during this uncertain time. So many of the people we love are in the position of staying home to protect themselves and others from the Covid19 virus that has taken over our whole world, literally. People like us have turned into our own doctors. Aron, as you all know has high blood pressure among a few other ailments that we have to keep a regular check on. We usually keep his doctors on a close stand by in case anything feels a little off.

Over the past few weeks, we were advised to not come in unless it was a very serious issue. He is at a high-risk level because of his illnesses and so is our youngest daughter. Keeping our family safe is the number one priority right now.

So, one of our priority concerns is Aron's blood pressure. We need accuracy and reliability. That's why I want to share this product and brand with you. I will be sharing more products that they have to offer coming up soon so be on the lookout for that. One that I was told about early today is the Infrared Forehead Thermometer.

I can't wait to share the thermometer deal with you. Right now, during the covid19 outbreak, one of the symptoms is a fever. Keeping an eye on the temperature is key in recovery. To be considered "recovered" the individual has to go three full days without a fever-reducing/controlling medication. That was the last update they gave my sister, she was one of the infected individuals. She had moderate symptoms and had to isolate herself at home for the past few weeks.

Sinocare blood pressure monitor - This is a very practical home blood pressure monitor, Keep abreast of your own physical condition and avoid unnecessary risks. With the Voice Function and Large  LCD Display, we highly recommend to elderly people.

Stay up to date with Sinocare and their home health care products for easy individual use.


  1. We had one of these for my Mom after she became ill. They really do come in very handy.

  2. This sounds so nice. I have a son and a sister that could both really use this. Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking forward to seeing the other products.

  3. I have a digital blood pressure monitor but my blood pressure is well controlled so I haven't used it recently. My brother and his wife could use one