The power of writing. Why do people start to blog?

Do you know anyone that's started a blog? Or do you follow one yourself? The internet is brimming full of blogs, with topics ranging from travel and parenting to fashion, technology and even photography, spiritualism and mental health. It seems that if you want advice, some light-hearted relief or tips on a particular topic, then blogs are the place to go.

But blogging seems like hard work, right? With so much writing to get done, ideas to find, content to create, a website to design and monitor, all while juggling life and work. It’s amazing that anyone would find the time. So, what is it that inspires people to start their own blog? Here we’ll look at some reasons you may not have considered before.

It challenges them creatively

Few people get the chance to express themselves creatively, which is what makes blogging attractive. When you’re challenged with the idea of creating a beautiful website, choosing a colour scheme, taking photographs that compliment your writing and creating fresh, unique content on a daily, or weekly basis – many bloggers use plagiarism checker software for this aspect of blogging – it’s a challenge that some find difficult to resist.

It gives them a voice

People who feel like they have an opinion or those who feel as though they're not listened to in their physical life, find blogging attractive because it gives them a voice. An opportunity to speak, not be interrupted and most importantly – be heard. Whether that’s offering advice, funny anecdotes, expressing their view on a current topic or just somewhere they can be themselves. They say that writing down your thoughts is good for your mental health and blogging certainly complements that idea.


Interestingly, a high number of bloggers do so for the potential fame that comes with it. However, blogging to this level of recognition requires years and years of hard work and dedication, which many aspiring bloggers fail to accomplish. Most successful bloggers would suggest steering away from blogging purely for fame, stating that it's much better to blog for a purpose rather than vanity. Still, fame is a common motivator in the blogging world.


Again, many aspiring bloggers get into the blogging game with the hope of supporting their families and earning a second income. While it's true that you can earn money from your blog, either by selling your advertising space or being sponsored by third-party companies, however, you should exercise caution, as most bloggers shouldn't expect to earn money from their blog until several years in, and when they've amassed a large readership.

To help others

Some bloggers may have worked through a particular stage of their life, and now they want to help others. For many, blogging is the best way for them to educate, empathize and support others who might be going through the same thing. From loss and grief to suffering from a disease, a disability, living with/caring for loved ones with special needs, and mental health battles.

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