Have You Ever Thought Of Feeding Your Family Better Cooked Food? Here's How To Get Started.

What have you learned or confirmed about yourself since the quarantine of 2020 hit? One thing that I've known about myself ahead of time and I have confirmed over and over is that I am a crappy cook and that's being generous. This has been going on for a few decades. I'm such a bad cook that my oldest daughter told me when she was 4 years old that she was going to ask Santa to get me cooking lessons for Christmas. What a thoughtful little girl! She rated my cooking a "Z". It was a far cry from a passing grade. Personally, I think my biggest problem with cooking is how easily I get distracted.  I am the queen of burnt food. When the fire alarm goes off it's done. My mom has joked with me over the years that the fire alarm is the dinner bell. 

Since the Shelter In Place order came about, I've tried so many new dishes to try to surprise my family and believe it or not, I pulled a few of them off. Not bad for 7 1/2 weeks! I love seeing my family eat their dinner but, the real personal high five is knowing they aren't sneaking snacks after dinner. That's when I know my food was good, everyone liked it, and they got full. We have a 40lb Boston Terrier if that tells you anything. He knows he won't have to beg for food,  it's coming sooner or later. 

Since we are all home and restaurants aren't an option like they were before, we have all have to reach into our inner cookbooks and make it work. My favorite cookbook is the stack of takeout menus I have accumulated. I am my biggest cheerleader when it comes to cooking. I have confidence every time I head that way and get started. It's when it's plated, I fall short. I have had to stare a crying seven-year-old in the eyes and hear her say she can't chew her dinner because it hurts. Learning something new, even if it isn't for a career path but for the love of my family, would be so much fun!! 

Learning new techniques and how to use what's available in the kitchen already is very useful. An ingredient conversion calculator is so handy!! 

Since we are home and not moving around as much, maybe you want to find out what it takes to stay in or get in shape? A body fat calculator would be a great place to start so you can keep yourself on track. 

My oldest daughter, the one that rated me a "Z" for cooking when she was four years old was accepted into Johnson & Wales University in Charlotte NC in her senior year. I was so proud I cried!! We went and took the tour and it was so much fun!! This baby of mine loved to cook since she was little. She played with pots and pans, she played with measuring cups and spoons, she experimented with seasonings, and has turned herself into one of the best cooks I have ever seen. She has the patience of a Saint when it comes to cooking and knowing the different methods of cooking. I am so proud to say, she didn't get that from me!! 

If you are thinking of cooking as a career you can find so much amazing info on CulinarySchools.org The have all kinds of great resources. From picking a school, picking a major, finding a school in a specific location, and more! When we were trying to decide on a school for my daughter we had so many schools to look up and advisors to talk to. If we had known about CulinarySchools.org it would have saved us months of searching. For every school listed, there is a page dedicated to the school information, contact information, staff, and more. This is perfect for the upcoming students. 

There is so much to take in when considering a career in the culinary field, you would benefit greatly from utilizing the tools on the CulinarySchools.org website. It's not just about knowing that you love to cook and wanting to be able to do this as a career. I didn't know there were so many different areas of expertise until my daughter decided that's what she wanted to do. 

Deciding what path to take can be tricky. You can choose how much time you want to dedicate to schooling or if you have already completed some schooling and want to go further you can find all of that information on their "Types of Culinary Majors: What Will You Study?" page. 

Want to get the kids interacting? Try their kid's games. I'm a waitress and the Open Restaurant game is a great simulator!! It's super addictive! It feels like real life to me LOL I can feel my heart racing trying to find a clean table and take orders and deliver food as fast as I can. Can you beat my high score? Day 6- $10,080!

What do you think? Is cooking a passion of yours? Do you want to learn more as a hobby or find the perfect school to learn the profession? CulinarySchools.org is a great place to get you on your way to achieving your culinary dreams!! 

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