Your Neglected Utility Room Can Look Great. Here's What To Do

Your utility room is one of the most unloved rooms in your home. For the most part, it is just a place to store all your appliances and do the laundry. Other than that, it doesn’t serve much purpose.

A lot of homeowners neglect their utility rooms. There seems to be no point making them look beautiful, considering what happens inside them. But then, when you think about it, this reasoning doesn’t make much sense. The practicalities of the bathroom are perhaps even uglier. Yet, people are willing to splash out thousands of dollars to make them look great. Why doesn’t the same apply to the utility room? It doesn’t stack up when you think about it.

In this post, we’re going to take a look at some of the strategies you can use to upgrade the appearance and functionality of the room that contains your washing machine. By the end of it, you should have a clear roadmap for making it look beautiful.

Place All Your Appliances Behind A Utility Cupboard

Washing machines and dryers are essential household appliances, but they’re ugly. They rarely complement the appearance of the room.

Savvy homeowners, therefore, use utility cupboards. These are essentially built-in wardrobes that store all your appliances, sinks, cleaning products, and laundry. The idea is to make it so that people can’t really tell that they’re in a utility room. All they see is the blank facade of the cupboard, the tiled floor, and bright sunlight coming in from the window. Cabinets hide all the clutter until you need it.

Ensure That All Your Appliances Work

Utility rooms are also functional spaces (which is part of the reason they’re so neglected). It is crucial, therefore, that all the equipment they contain actually works. Some homeowners, accordingly, prioritize appliance repair before carrying out any other work on the room. The washer and dryer both need to work flawlessly before it is worth upgrading the decor. It doesn’t make sense for one to work and not the other.

Put Wash Basket On Wheels

Most utility rooms have counter space, featuring a sink and cupboards underneath - a bit like a kitchen. This space is ideal for storing wash baskets on wheels. All you do is create a cut-out section under the countertop, the right size for the basket, fit some wheels, and you’re ready to go. It prevents you from carrying heavy baskets full of laundry from one side of the room to another.

Hide Your Utilities And Turn It Into A Wine Room

Once you’ve hidden all your utilities behind built-in cupboards, you suddenly have a blank slate - a room you can use for pretty much whatever you like. Many people, therefore, like to repurpose the space as a wine cellar. Okay, it might not be underground (unless your utility room is in the basement). Still, it is a great place to keep your collection. 

So, will you use any of these methods to upgrade your utility room and make it look great?

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