4 Signs You're Burning Out

Life is stressful. I think we can all agree that it’s one of the hardest things to do while still being one of the most exciting things you will ever do. Stress comes in many forms but the human body can only take so much of it before it begins to respond in a negative way.

When work and life is pulling you in a hundred different directions, all you want to do is rest. The thing is, this isn’t normal to feel so stressed and when it’s affecting your health, you are going to hear two words: burn out. If you were suffering with hearing loss, you'd go to the doctor. If your eyes were blurring, you’d see an optician. So, if your body is hurting and you’re spending a lot of time asleep, you need to get some help. So, how do you know you’re starting to burn out? Here are 4 signs to teach you what to look for:

1. You are way more sensitive than usual. You used to love the banter and the pace of the office, but now everything seems to be getting to you and you’re taking innocent comments too personally, you may need to reflect a little. Why are these innocent comments hurting your feelings? Why aren't you feeling like it’s funny anymore when previously you would have laughed? Ask yourself again and again!

2. You can’t quite keep up - well, that’s how it feels! You are still keeping your usual pace, but you don't feel like it’s enough anymore. The work is stacking up and you’re seeing the pile get bigger and bigger, and here you are, still feeling like you're behind. Speaking to your boss is necessary here if you feel like it’s getting too much. Even if it’s the usual amount of work, you need to speak up if things feel too big for you.

3. You’returning to bad habits. Whether it’s an extra drink or two, an extra cigarette or you’re eating like a horse once more, those bad habits you once got rid of are creeping back in. Is it boredom or are you looking for an escape? Often, gluttonous and addictive behaviour stem from feeling overwhelmed and pushing the self destruct button. Don't push the button; get some help first and you’ll be able to get out of the hole before you bury yourself in it.

4. The dreams you have for your life have gone from big ones that require your time and energy to tiny ones that feel like they don’t matter. They’ve become boring and they reflect how you feel about yourself. You’re burning out and everything has become sluggish and tiring; including the dreams. There’s no life, no spice and no excitement - and your dreams are reflective of this.

Burnout doesn't have to happen to you. In fact, you can avoid it entirely by learning to find the joy in your life as often as you possibly can. Take a step back and breathe: you won’t regret it.

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