Benefits Of Omega 3- Inside Of The Body

Have you ever wondered what you can do to help your body naturally to lower your blood pressure and help other body functions? This is something we have been researching for years.

I know I have shared with you all about Aron's journey to living healthier. We have been working so hard to lower is blood pressure so he can get off and stay off of prescription medications. Some of them he will be on forever but, with a healthy lifestyle and better numbers on his bloodwork, little by little he has gone from 20+ medications per day down to 14. It has been a long road with some hard determination. Paying close attention to diet and exercise is also very important.

It's amazing what the human body can withstand. When he was in the near-fatal car accident 10 years ago is when we found out he had high blood pressure and diabetes. The seizure he had while he was driving was enough for him to turn in his license. He didn't want to risk putting anyone else's life in danger just in case it happened again. That was the day our lives changed forever. Believe it or not, it was for the better.

He decided right then that he wanted to live better and get healthier. He didn't want to worry about leaving our kids too soon or going through other health-related injuries. We had no idea up until that accident that he even had any health problems. Since then he has managed to lose well over 100lbs and keep it off for nearly 7 years. His A1C is consistently under a 7 (from a 16), he is living as healthy as his limitations will let him.

If you have limited mobility like he does, you can ask your medical professional or search online for beneficial exercises that meet your movement ability. When he lost his toes he wasn't able to stand or do any load-bearing on one side. He has existing injuries and neuropathy that prevented him from standing on one foot to take the weight load. Those circumstances also meant he couldn't use crutches or other means of balancing support. Sadly he was stuck in a wheelchair for several months throughout the healing process.

There are great resources out there for individuals with limited mobility and the exercise that they can do. The best thing is to get the blood pumping and let your body get as much movement as possible. He suffered a great deal of muscle loss leaving him with a sizable difference in his legs. The number one thing is to never give up!!

Wheelchair Safe Arm Exercises:

Overhead punches
Front punches
Arm circles
Arm lifts

One thing that has been a staple in his diet is fish oil (Omega 3 supplement). It's very easy to find and add to your daily regimen. You can use soft gels or liquid depending on what you prefer.

There are other benefits to using fish oil for the internal body. Along with the lower blood pressure, it's a natural blood thinner. If you are having surgery or any type of surgical procedure, make sure you let your doctor and team know that you take fish oil daily. You may have to stop taking it a day or two before the procedure.

Another amazing benefit is joint health. Omega 3 naturally increases blood flow throughout the whole body to help with joint pain and inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acid helps reduce the intensity of joint symptoms like morning stiffness, tenderness, swelling, and discomfort.

Lower cholesterol is another perk to taking Omega 3 Fatty acids.
Better vision
Mental sharpness and concentration.

Our algae-based omega-3 is water-extracted to ensure the highest quality and best taste.
One daily dose of two easy-to-swallow vegan omega-3 capsules deliver:
  • 725mg of total omega-3s
  • 500mg DHA fatty acids
  • 5mg EPA fatty acids
  • Vitamins D3 and K2

All of that with no fishy burps or indigestion! Check out Wiley's Finest Liquid and Soft Gel

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
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