Home Decorating Must Have- Go Hang It!

Decorating or redecorating the house can be so much fun and exciting but, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty specifics, it can be so frustrating at the same time. Have you ever had the room completely done except for the wall art (pictures posters, etc), and while trying to hang them, the crooked or uneven hang makes you want to pull your hair out, throw the pictures away, and turn yourself into a minimalist, just because? I have. Oh, yes, I have been there. Temper tantrums don't look great on a 30 something.

I love wall art. Mostly portraits and family-related pictures are what I have in my home. I like the pictures to have some balance without being completely even on the wall. That is only because I can never get them even. I don't mind so much if they are an uneven amount of space apart but it makes me absolutely crazy if they have a lean that I can't get right. Don't get me wrong, the layered look is awesome and so is the off-center look. But when you have been trying for three hours to get one picture straight and you are STILL a half of a sawtooth away from achieving the goal, frustration isn't the only f word that comes to mind.

I don't know how many arguments home improvements have caused in our house. What to hang and where is a big enough decision. Hanging pictures shouldn't make people so stressed out but it does!

Have you ever seen those houses on movies where the pictures are placed so perfectly on the walls, going up staircases, and just everywhere perfect pictures? What is the secret to success on your beautifully hung pictures?

Since we all don't live on an LMN movie set we have to make our own. Go Hang It! That's my answer. The Go Hang It! kit comes with everything you need to hang and level pictures to give your space the perfect balance.

What's in the kit?

The GoHangIt! kit comes with EVERYTHING that you need to hang and level sawtooth, wire, and D-ring hooks. It has 85 pieces of hardware included with the toolset.

  • 6 D Rings
  • 8 ft Picture Hanging Wire
  • 10 Nails (1.75 x 25)
  • 10 Picture Hooks (10lb)
  • 10 Nails (2.0 x 30)
  • 8 Picture Hooks (20lb)
  • 24 #6 3/8" Self-Taping Screws
  • 4 Picture Hooks (30lb)
  • 12 Single Notch Precision Hangers

The Level

So, what's the most annoying thing ever when it comes to pictures? CROOKED pictures! This kit comes with the level AND it's detachable! It pops right off the tool kit and it goes right on the picture frame. It's that simple!

Just a little bonus, this level can be used on any small project around the house. I got a foosball coffee table and I used it to adjust the legs. So simple!!


This is just mind-blowing. Magnekeys mark your wall the first time, the right place. I was a little confused by just looking at them. It was when I got out the instructions that it all made so much sense. These magnetized key-shaped accessories have a pointy stud right on the tip of the key.

Here is how the MangeKeys work:

1)  Put the MagneKeys in the hooks on the back of the frame. It works with the sawtooth, D-ring, or the single notch precision hangers that come with the kit.
2) Put the removable level on the edge of the frame. Position and level the frame on the wall. When it's in a perfect position, push firmly over the hangers to mark your nail holes.
3) Locate the markers on the wall and install the nails straight into the wall markers.
4) Go Hang It!!

Wire Hanging

Wire hanging hasn't always been a joy of mine. It seems like it would be the easiest because the hanger is much larger compared to a sawtooth or D-ring but, it's not. My problem was always the extra hang length. I can never guess the right amount of space needed and it leaves me with a lopsided picture. The Go Hang It! kit has the fix for that!

So the handy dandy case that the Go Hang It! kit comes in, is a multipurpose toolbox. The detachable face expands to get the best position for the picture before it's hung.

  • Extend the Go Hang It! by pressing the middle button and sliding down.
  • Hang the frame by the wire on the hook. For lightweight frames use the middle hook. For heavier frames use the outside two hooks.
  • When you find your placement, press firmly on the wall and remove the frame so that the GoHangIt! stays in place.
  • Take the removable pushpin from the kit (right under the level compartment) and mark the holes through the Hook guidelines. 
  • Put a nail in the marked hole. 
  • Hook the wire to the nail and detach the level and put it right on the frame. Set your picture- And Done!! 
If you are looking for the perfect toolkit for everyone's house, check out the Go Hang It! kit.  This would make a great addition to any home's toolbar and would make the best house warming gift ever. 

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]   

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