How much is riding on how well you sleep?

How much is riding on how well you sleep? Everything right? Our whole life depends on how well we are able to rest the night before. It's like we are paying it forward for the next day. It took such a long time to realize that sleep isn't just what happens at the end of the day. It's so much more than that. When we sleep, yes, we are resting from the day we just had but we are also preparing our body for the day ahead. It's so important to be in a good sleep routine so that we aren't just recouping from the day but also giving ourselves a great start for the next day.

Sleep is so much more than laying down and closing our eyes for 6-8 hours. When we sleep our body releases hormones that repair cells and control how we use energy. It affects our brain on how alert we can be and even can affect our weight. I have noticed through several times in my life that I have gained weight when I go through bouts of not resting well.

Ultimately, it has to do with your comfort and how well you are able to rest. Personally, I have battled with periods of sleeplessness and restlessness. I have been in bed for a full night but woke up feeling like I hadn't slept at all. Tossing and turning and waking up with body aches, stiff neck and back, cramped legs, and just completely overtired. Life doesn't slow down either. Having the right alignment and comfort level is so important.

Finding the right balance is the hardest part. Pine Tales has an easy to understand chart to helping you find the best pillow position to align your body.

A word from Pine Tales

  • For those who prefer to use their own pillowcase on top of it.
  • Pillowcase is made of dustproof unbleached Organic Cotton Twill
  • Equipped with YKK Zipper because of Quality matters.
  • Filled with 100% Organic Buckwheat Hulls (Naturally Gluten-Free). The unique structure of buckwheat hulls is known to create enhanced air circulation. Air circulates better than with any other material on the market.
  • Fully adjustable. Hulls can easily be removed to adjust the pillow to your liking. Simply open the zipper and remove hulls using a cup or with your hand.
  • Good for all sleeping positions and especially for people with posture, neck or spine issues.
  • Superior support and adjustability over other filling materials.
  • Handmade within Phoenix, AZ
  • We only use the Highest Quality Buckwheat Hulls. All our hulls are triple screened and heat treated. Guaranteed Odor and Pesticide free.

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