3 Warning Signs You May Have An Addiction

An addiction can take many different forms, but it’s most commonly associated with drug abuse or alcoholism. When you think of either of these things, you tend to consider the most extreme examples of them. Little did you know that lots of people exhibit the warning signs of an ongoing addiction!

Naturally, addiction is bad for your health and wellbeing. It can have a toll on you physically and mentally, leading you down a very bad path. So, it’s important to recognise when you’re on this path, and you can take steps to curb the addiction and reclaim your health.

With that in mind, here are some of the key warning signs to watch for in yourself or others:

Aspects of your physical health start to deteriorate

Addictions will directly impact your physical health in many ways. Some addictions may seem like they’re improving your physical health when they’re doing the opposite. A great example of this is steroids. You take them to get bigger and look more muscular, but repeated steroid abuse ruins your body. It can lead to reproductive issues, digestive problems, excessive acne, hormonal imbalances - the list goes on. If you spot drastic ongoing changes in your physical health, it’s time to assess your habits. You may soon realise that these changes are down to addiction.

You become dependent on a substance

This is perhaps the most worrying and obvious sign of addiction. If you feel like you can’t get through the day without having a drink of alcohol or taking some sort of substance, that’s a huge problem. It shows you have become dependent on that thing to live your life. Going without out it makes you go crazy and you physically can’t handle it. For me, this is where addiction really gets serious. Changes to your physical health are obviously very bad, but most people can recognise that warning sign and take action themselves. When addiction starts controlling your life like this, you need professional help. Rehab, followed by something like Pathways Real Life Recovery General Outpatient Program, is usually recommended in instances like this. You need help disassociating the substance with your life. This is hard to do on your own, which is why you should seek help.

Your mental health suffers

As well as your physical health taking a hit, your mental health suffers greatly at the hands of addiction. You can see above that being dependent on a drug is bad, and part of the reason is that it creates feelings of anxiety or depression. But, you can also become highly irritable, have a short fuse, get angry all the time, and be a bit bipolar. Sleepless nights due to insomnia are also common, leaving your head in a complete mess. Ultimately, this doesn’t just make your life worse, but these traits end up pushing others away from you as well.

Addiction is a serious topic, and you will be surprised at how many people suffer in silence. Check your own habits and see if any of these warning signs are present in your life. If they are, you should get help to kick your addiction and live a healthy & happy life.

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