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It can be difficult to recognize signs of dyslexia as well as the severity of it, especially before children are enrolled into the schooling system. The first person who will then eventually notice if there are any difficulty in reading is a teacher.

Dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects between 3%-7% of people. Although it varies in severity, it can be treated. The sooner the learning disability is identified, the sooner it can be treated. When the disability is neglected and not treated, a child can carry it into their adulthood and it will be much more difficult to manage.

That is why it’s so important to get a test, if you are wondering whether you or your child have some problem reading. Watch this to learn more about Dyslexia testing and evaluation.

What Factors are Considered in Testing?

Many people might feel like these kinds of tests are invasive. To prepare you for the tests, here are a few factors that specialists look into when determining whether you or your child have dyslexia:

Everyday Life – Doctors will ask about home life situations. Whether there are any problems in the family and what the family set up is like. This is only because external and stress-factors might have an effect on the severity of the symptoms.

Educational and Medical History – If there are any learning disabilities within the family, the doctor would like to know about it. Also, educational patterns and whether the patients experience any difficulties in school or while studying.

This learning disability can also be genetic and if someone in the family is already diagnosed, it’s best to send your child for testing.

Mental Health – Social problems, depression, and anxiety might be hindering your child’s educational progress. It’s important for the doctor to understand someone’s mental health to determine the cause of symptoms.

Academic Skills – Because dyslexia is a learning disability, doctors will most likely test reading, writing, and other academic skills. Reading experts will analyze reading abilities to determine the severity or presence of a learning disability.

Neurological Testing – Through hearing, vision, and neurological tests, doctors can determine whether poor reading ability is a cause of any other medical conditions.

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars to find out whether you have some form of dyslexia. There are many online platforms that provide free dyslexia tests to help those in question get their answer.

Why Should I or My Child Take a Dyslexia Test?

There are many reasons why you should consider taking a test yourself as an adult or one for your child.


If you or your partner have dyslexia, chances are high that your child will also have it. Since it is a genetic disability. Having dyslexia can really hinder a child’s educational growth.

When testing and diagnosis are neglected, then a child can fall behind in class. Vocabulary skills and advanced language skills will take a back seat and it will drastically affect your child’s self-esteem. Especially, when children are in school, they will compare themselves to their peers. As a result, they will think that they are slow or dumb.

As soon as you see any symptoms or warning signs, no matter what your child’s age, you should consult professional help. Getting a test done will give you a clear indication of the severity of the disability. Which will enable you to implement a series of methods and strategies to help your child stay on track in school and manage it better.

When treatment starts early during a child’s development, they will be able to improve to such a level that they won’t have any difficulties in higher grades. If it is left untreated, difficulty in learning will pursue resulting in worsened school performance.


Adults with dyslexia are typically motivated, driven, creative, and intelligent. Having any form of learning disabilities will keep you from reaching your full potential. When reading slows you down or keeps you from reaching your goals, you can seek professional help to help you cope with the symptoms.

There is no age limit when it comes to diagnosis. Being diagnosed can only help you manage the learning disability much better that will increase performance.

If you have children or are planning to have children, it’s advised that you take a test. It is a genetic disorder and can be passed on to children. This will give you the tools and information to deal with the learning disability if it is passed on to your child.

Learn more about different methods and strategies in coping with Dyslexia here:

Why Online Testing?

There are loads of online resources and preliminary tests available. This is because dyslexia is a common learning disability that affects many people. Seeing a professional in their office can be quite costly, especially if you aren’t sure of all the exact symptoms.

Taking free online tests will give you an indication of severity as well as identifying the causes.

Some online platforms that provide free preliminary tests provide numerous resources as well. This can act as great referral materials for when you want to learn more about the condition. Being educated on the topic will help you understand it much better and therefore you’ll be able to take the right actions in dealing with it.

Take a free online dyslexia test today to give yourself peace of mind.

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