Back To School (or Home) USA Gold and USA Titanium and Scribble Stuff Felt Tip Pens and Gel Pens

Back to School time is always a little hectic but, this year it's going to be a little extra spicey to say the least. Thanks, 2020 for keeping us on our toes. The second half of the 2019/2020 school year was spent at home with our kids. All of us and all of them! All Day! Every day!

I am sure that all of us were a little relieved when the school year was over and we could start relaxing some. Until planning, next year's school year and the wonderful hand made gifts we are going to send to the instructors, that is. An apple a day, Done. Extra pencils, Great. 42 boxes of tissues, You got it! How about a note to the teacher- What do you neeeeeeeddddddd. Sincerely, every non-homeschool parent.

On a serious note, no one really knows what to expect and to a degree, it's a little scary. We know our kids will be starting school in the fall but, no one knows exactly when or how it will all pan out. The best recommendation that I have seen so far came from one of my mom groups. They all agreed that getting two sets of supplies would be the best for the kids. Not the tissues and gym shoes unless you really want to make the extra investment. But, tools like paper, pens, pencils, scissors, etc.

Luckily, those are the things that don't take too much to invest in. Why it's a good idea to cover the basics in duplicate in the pandemic. When everything turned this year and they closed the schools us parents didn't really know exactly what we needed. We knew we had purchased all of the supplies at the beginning of the school year and made those extra donations to the class for all of the learning supplies and art projects but when they came home for good 3 months early but still had to complete all of the tasks at home, we were empty-handed and still had to go shopping amid the chaos. To be prepared ahead of schedule, having an extra set on hand is the best idea. As a bonus, none of those things expire so even if the school goes in as planned, we will have supplies for when we need them to add to the stash for next year.

We have partnered with USA Gold and USA Titanium and Scribble Stuff Felt Tip Pens and Gel Pens to show you guys what they are offering. No matter what, school at home or at the school building, pens and pencils are a must!

USA Gold and USA Titanium offers high-quality wood pencils sourced with American wood and finished in Tennessee.  With almost 60 years of pencil making, USA Titanium continues a family-run legacy in Lewisburg, Tennessee and a vital part of an American community.

USA Titanium pencils are high quality, high value.  Compare them to your favorite pencil and see what a difference American quality can make!  With their satin-smooth black finish for enhanced writing comfort,  USA Titanium pencils are available exclusively at Walmart in packs of 12, 24, and 36 pencils. Last year, these were the No. 1 selling pencil at Walmart for the 2019 BTS time frame.

A favorite with moms, teachers, and kids, Scribble Stuff Felt Tip Pens and Gel Pens are bold and bright. Kids find it easier to take notes and study with colorful pens and add some pizzazz to drawing and art projects!  And teachers will find they make paper grading fun.
These long-lasting, vivid pens have a fine point tip for easy of writing and won’t bleed through the paper.  Available in 24 bright colors and an awesome price make it easy to add some fabulous fun to your child’s school day. Scribble Stuff also makes popular gel pens and scented gel pens. Available in assorted packs at Walmart, Target, and

I received these products for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions about this product please feel free to email directly or use the contact us button over on the right side of the page.

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