SPOT Trace Tracking For Safe Travel and Personal Property Tracking

What kind of traveling are you doing this year? Since the pandemic hit a few months ago there has been so much uncertainty everywhere. Now that summer is here and there are enough guidelines to be able to move around as safe as possible, did you make any big plans? We travel every year to visit family in another state.

So what do you do when your precious cargo is old enough to drive themselves where they want to go? Well, the first emotion to cover that is pride. When our kids became old enough to drive we were so proud of them. So that brief moment slipped straight into- Oh No! Are they ready? Am I ready? Then the "What If's" kick in. What if the wreck or get lost. What if there is an emergency of some kind and they can't call out. In light of all of the protesting and riots, what if they get carjacked? There are so many valid worry points that I never would have thought about before. So, SPOT it.

We just had the amazing opportunity to work with SPOT on one of their more than cool trackers. And, at the most perfect time possible, I have to add. The SPOT Trace is a small tracker that fits right in an inconspicuous place that you can trace the movement of any of your property.

SPOT Trace offers advanced tracking for your most valued assets. Instantly receive a text or email when movement is detected and follow on SPOT Mapping on your phone or computer.
The SPOT Trace tracking device allows everyone and everything to be safe and secure. I can get that peace of mind knowing that whoever is traveling with SPOT won't get lost. There are so many scenarios that we will be using our new SPOT Trace.

This is one of those things that have so many great purposes but I will be using it specifically for traveling and when my kids are out driving. We live in a very rural area with limited cell service and mountainous terrain. They like to go to the lakes and out on adventures and I worry that they might get lost or have some kind of trouble and I won't be able to help them. Thanks to SPOT Trace, I can allow them more freedom.  

Getting started is so simple. 

Go to the website to register your device. The numbers are on the card right inside the box and also in the battery compartment. If you are like me and put up all or your important papers in one place for safekeeping but never remember where that is when you need it, the numbers on the device are very useful.

The plans and pricing are so convenient. The SPOT Trace comes with two options; the contract plan or the monthly flex plan.

Contract Plan-
This is the best deal for the money. You get the full service and the best price when you subscribe all at one time. You can choose to pay a full year upfront (the lowest price) or to pay month to month.

Flex Plan
The flex plan gives you the option of using the service only when you want to. You can choose each month individually as long as you want.

The service options are really awesome too.  Both plans offer their standard package with add on options like extreme tracking.

  • Movement alerts
  • Dock Mode
  • Status Message
  • Power Off Message
  • Low Battery Message
  • Basic Tracking

SPOT offers services powered by the  Globalstar satellite network. Whether you are an avid outdoorsman, a traveler, or using SPOT Trace to protect your stored/parked/docked property, you are covered. 

What makes this so easy to use is the fast and reliable notification center and the super easy to navigate mapping. The option for Extreme tracking lets users know within 2 1/2 minutes that there is movement on the device. The peace of mind that comes along with knowing you are covered when you need it most is priceless. 

The mapping system is great for every situation. 

Are you looking for a live view? Are you looking for a history of the movement? Perfect! You can do both and toggle in-between the two whenever you want. 

Our main reason for wanting this collaboration with SPOT is our kids traveling in their own vehicle. We can keep a close eye on their vehicle to make sure they are on the right track and we can get right to them if they need us. The tracking system allows for multiple viewers so we can share the view and invite others to view the map without having to provide the login information.  

I think this is so much fun! There is a standard view and a satellite view right on the app with the map. You can toggle between the standard and satellite view with a click. One of the features that I really like is being able to name destinations. Some of the more popular places the kids go are their Nanny's, Grammy's, and a few select stores. By mapping them out as saved destinations, I can get a good idea of where they are at just a glance.  

Installing the SPOT Trace

This tracer is awesome and so easy to install. it comes with the screws and sticky strips to get it to mount anywhere you want it to go. It's size and weight make it easy and inconspicuous to put about anywhere. I have it in the tire compartment of our vehicle. Why I put it in the compartment is if by chance our vehicle is stolen, I don't want to tip off the thief by it being in an open space for them to have the opportunity to get rid of it before it is located. 

The SPOT family of devices offers several products to cover the whole family's needs. If you are looking for a tracking device with a reliable service,  SPOT Tracking is a great choice. 

Find SPOT online on their website or at a local retailer. You can see what everyone is saying on their social media pages.

Check out SPOT on their website and on their social media pages.

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me directly.
Amy Groves- [email protected]

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