Making Walking A Bigger Part Of Your Life

One of the simplest and most effective modes of exercise is right in front of you - and it’s as simple as lacing up your shoes and getting out the front door. Walking more is good for your mental and physical health, keeps you active and gives you an easy route into leading a healthier lifestyle. It’s also low impact on your body, so ideal if you suffer from joint pains or a bad back, it gets you out into nature discovering the world around you which is a good for many things such as anxiety, and it's a really good calorie burner if you’re aiming to drop some weight and live a healthier lifestyle. But if you aren’t used to walking much, and you reach for the car keys every time you leave the house, how can you make walking a bigger part of your life?

Make Walking Your Default

Sometimes the biggest change you have to make is simply making walking more of a part of your every day routine. Think about how you could build it into your life and your schedule and then it doesn’t have to become a separate task that takes over your time. You could try doing some of your daily errands by walking, or decide to walk all or part of the way to work. You could make getting active with the kids a weekend regular.Or you could set aside a specific time such as first thing in the morning to get coffee or after dinner to help digest your food. The more you make it a daily habit, the easier it is to get that step count up.

Get Comfortable

While one of the joys of walking is how little equipment you need to get started, you do want to be comfortable while walking. So it's worth investing in a proper pair of walking shoes or trainers that can support your feet. If you have any issues like bunions or calluses, a good session with a pedorthist can sort out any lingering pain so that walking more is comfortable. Some people might also find that gel or foam inserts make walking for longer periods easier.

There’s An App For That

Like most things these days, there are lots of apps available for walkers. They can help you to log the steps you take, discover new local routes, see the gradients on your route and log any weight you lose. A progress tracker can be very motivating if you’re new to fitness, as can features which let you challenge a friend or family member to a certain number of steps. It can also help to use apps like RockMyRun, which create playlists that you can sink to your heartbeat to keep you in a steady rhythm as you pace.

Switch It Up

Changing your route to make sure you don’t get bored is also a great idea. From mountain trails to coastal footpaths, forest walks or a bit of exploring the urban jungle, you see and take in so much on foot that you’d never appreciate while driving. So don’t be afraid to mix it up and enjoy some new routes.

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