San Diego Is a Beautiful City For Romance

Since the early spring, our lives have changed so much. There are guidelines on how we should live, provisions on where we go, limitations to just about everything. As we navigate through the uncharted waters of how our lives in the "new norm" will be, there is certain to be some trial and error. We all have to be patient and understanding, not with just ourselves but also with each other. 

What does that mean for single people? How do individuals get together to meet new people?

An even bigger question, when you meet new people, where do you go? Let's be honest, bringing someone straight home from a dating site probably isn't the best plan. Anyone would want to test the waters first to see if there is a personal/physical connection before sharing a personal address. 

Dating sites have become very popular in recent years and even more so now since the pandemic swept the world. Dating in San Diego can be a blast you just have to plan ahead. Using San Diego Personals you can check out a dating site just for local singles to find people in your area!

When people are newly dating now, what are things they can do to get to know each other better? Where can they go to be in a public and safe place and still be in a private enough setting to engage in conversation?

I know when I was out mingling in the dating pool (15+ years ago) dinner and a movie followed up with a bar (or several bars) depending on the company, was considered standard. Any time I wasn't sure that I was going to have a great time, my cousin Alicia would be my emergency call to get me out of it. If she came along on a double date that always meant more than one bar and usually more than one dinner. She made my adult single 20s AMAZING! I love you bunches, Alicia! How are we nearly 40?!

There are so many limits to what people can do right not but that doesn't mean that you can't have an absolutely fabulous time. 

Meeting new people during a pandemic isn't as simple as running down to the local bar and casually bumping into someone or going bowling and partnering up with the group next to you. It takes a certain degree of creativity to have an exciting evening and stay safe. 

A beautiful city, San Diego, has some awe-inspiring locations that can be fun and romantic for budding relationships to enjoy. Check out the rest of this post to get some great ideas for some fun dates.

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego is considered the birthplace of California. What's more romantic than an old town setting to wander around and make memories in? There is so much to do that would be great for a daytime outing. Some things would be hitting up shops and enjoying the atmosphere of the historic city.

Coronado Beach

Soaking up the sun and taking a dip is always fun. Coronado Beach has been voted one of the best beaches in the US. If you are planning a visit to the beach, some things that you can plan to do include swimming, wading, water-skiing, skin and scuba diving, surfing, and fishing.

Balboa Park 

San Diego’s epic green space is filled with concert spaces, picnic spots, hiking trails, ponds, picturesque sights, museums, and more. 

Sunset Cliffs Naural Park

This is the perfect place for a picnic and people watching. Watch the surfers chase waves and enjoy a quiet space of your own to get to know each other better. 

City Tours

In light of the current events, packing it into a crowded tour bus and sightseeing wouldn't be a great idea. One thing that is pretty cool that you can do with your new friend is taking a self-guided tour through the downtown area. Renting a bike or hopping in a cab for longer trips is okay. 

Gondola Cruise

Indulge in all the magic and tradition of Venice right here in San Diego as you gently cruise in a private gondola through the enchanting canals of the Coronado Cays. Whether it's a relaxing journey or a romantic adventure, each cruise is A Truly Memorable Experience. Gondola cruises are 50 minutes.

You don't have to limit yourself or run the risk of being unsafe to have an awesome love life. Get creative! Make memories and take the time to get to know each other. Have fun!

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