Ways To Minimize Scars And Stretch Marks

It’s unusual for someone to have completely perfect skin all over. Stretchmarks and scars are a part of life, badges of honor that tell a story. They can be caused by accidents, injury, or, in the case of stretch marks, pregnancy, or weight gain/loss.

Some people try to get rid of them entirely, others look to minimize them so they aren’t as obvious.

If you’re looking to minimize scars and stretch marks and improve the texture of your skin, there are a number of things you can do. 

Medical and cosmetic procedures

For those people looking to completely eradicate scars or severe stretch marks, procedures such as laser treatment of grafts performed by a plastic surgeon are treatment options.

These are the most expensive options but are more likely to have the most noticeable effects. 

Stretch marks

Many people have stretch marks, both male and female. They can be caused by weight gain, weight loss, and pregnancy. It is thought that there is a genetic component to them, which is why some people don’t get them, even if they get quite large, and others see them appearing with only a small amount of weight gain.

There’s no rule that says you have to try and get rid of stretch marks. They are a lot more common than magazines and the internet would have you believe. But if you are looking to make yours less noticeable, try the following tips.

  • Keep your weight steady
  • Eat a diet rich in nutrients, especially zinc and Vitamins C and D
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Moisturize your skin often
  • Use a high SPF when in the sun

Keep out of the sun

When your skin heals after an injury, it forms a scar. This skin is very sensitive to the sun and not protecting your skin can cause it to discolor permanently.y, making the scars even more conspicuous. 

Use skin oil

There are a number of specialist oils out there that claim to work on scars and stretch marks. While it’s not possible to make them disappear entirely, using oil can make them fade.

There is a range of oils on the market, some with quite a hefty price tag. You can get the same benefits from the less expensive Vitamin E, almond oil, or even olive oil. Use it regularly to get the best results. You can use skin oil all over to make your skin soft and resilient. 

What to do to prevent scarring if you injure yourself

Scarring is the body’s way of healing itself. If you have surgery or are treated by a doctor, follow their instructions for taking care of your wound. If you get a cut or scrape, reduce the severity of the scars by cleaning the area as soon as possible. While the cut or scab is healing, apply vaseline or petroleum jelly to it on a daily basis. Protect it from the sun either by covering it up or using a high SPF. 


While it’s not always possible to prevent scars and stretchmarks, looking after your skin is the best way to minimize them as much as possible. If you’re really bothered by them, look into the range of cosmetic procedures that may be able to help.

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