9 Exercises for a Healthier Heart

Strengthening your heart is one of the best ways to improve your health, and just like any muscle, the heart is strengthened by exercise. Physical inactivity will result in elevated cholesterol levels, obesity, and high blood pressure, which increases the risk of catching cardiovascular diseases. Even a brisk walk in the evening counts for physical activity.

Exercises to Help Achieve a Healthier Heart

Taking a walk

Walking may seem too easy; however, it is one of the best physical activities appropriate for everyone. Speed walking will increase your heart rate, strengthening the heart's muscles, and strengthening the heart. Unlike other physical exercises, walking is easy on the joints. Besides, walking is flexible since you can walk anywhere and at any time and you don't need much to walk, a pair of supportive shoes and you are good to go.


Besides allowing you to get from one place to the other, cycling is an excellent physical exercise. Cycling makes use of your leg muscles, which help increase the heart rate, which helps strengthen the heart. The heart gets stimulated by regular cycling, drastically reducing your chances of getting cardiovascular illnesses. Additionally, according to a study, people who cycle are three times less exposed to pollution than car commuters, this means that regular cycling not only improves the heart’s health but also the general body health.

Aerobic exercise

Aerobic exercises are exercises where you move fast enough to raise your heart rate and breathe harder; however, you can still talk to someone while still performing the exercise. These exercises are such as jogging, swimming, and skipping rope. Cardio exercises assist your cardiac output as well as reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Thirty minutes of aerobic exercises every day for five days is ideal.

Interval training

This kind of training alternates between short periods of high-intensity exercise and long periods of recovery. This alternating exercises such as running fast for 2 minutes then resting for 5 minutes on repeat helps raise and lower your heart rate will help burn calories, which will help improve your blood vessels functionality, improve your body's efficiency in clearing sugar and fat in the blood and ultimately improve your heart's health.

Strength training

Strength training or resistance workouts are excellent, especially for people with a lot of body fat. This kind of activity is more specific in its effects on the body. Strength work will help reduce body fat and create leaner muscles. Research shows that a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training will help raise HDL, i.e., the good cholesterol, and reduce LDL, i.e., the bad cholesterol; LDL cholesterol is bad for your heart's health. These exercises include push ups, hand weights, chin-ups as well as lifting dumbbells. It is essential that you skip a day in your training to allow your body to recover.


It may not seem like it, but yoga is a great way to improve your heart's health. Yoga is mainly known for its calming effect; however, certain yoga types will get your heart beating fast, which will generally strengthen your heart's muscles and thus strengthen your heart. Besides toning your muscles, yoga will increase your heart rate, provide calmness, and lower your blood pressure.

Remain active all-day

Study shows that people who remain physically active all day burn more calories than those who exercise for a set amount of time every day. Perform your regular activities such as vacuuming, cleaning, gardening, and running errands at a faster rate. Take the stairs more often than you take the elevator to keep exercising. Walking faster and walking farther as you get to your car at the end of the parking lot will help you remain physically active for longer and thus increase your heart rate, strengthening your heart muscles.


It might be easily overlooked as unconnected to the heart's health; however, stretching helps increase flexibility. Flexibility allows you to work out more comfortably; exercises such as yoga require flexibility, which directly helps improve your heart's health. With a more flexible body, you can perform all other exercises more efficiently and significantly reduce the risk of injury during training. Stretching and exercises are greatly intertwined; professional trainers recommend a painless stretching session before any vigorous exercises and at least five minutes of stretching five times a week.

Swimming may be mistaken for a form of exercise conducted when one feels hot and lazy, but it's more than that. Swimming in that hot afternoon will not only help you relax; it is a full-body workout. Swimming will help strengthen not only your body but also your heart. Swimming leads to a better flow of blood in the body by helping the heart to become larger. According to studies, swimming can keep the layer of cells lining the arteries elastic and in perfect shape.

Did you know that recreational swimming will burn about the same calories as when brisk walking? Water provides resistance as you walk in it, allowing you to work out vigorously with little to zero chances of injury.

Choose your Workout Clothes Carefully

Choosing your outfit for your workout session is not a form of exercise, but it is a vital part of your exercising. With the right gear, your workout session is likely to be fun; the right clothes will even get you motivated for your workout session. The most important thing is comfort; make sure you are comfortable in the clothes you choose. Working out with the wrong kind of clothes can be dangerous; workouts result in sweating and friction, which creates a breeding place for bacteria, which could cause bacterial infections.

Your outfits' material is vital; cotton is excellent for your day-to-day use and light yoga. However, polyester and nylon are best for a workout; they are designed to eliminate moisture. Baggy and lacey underwear will cause too much friction, which is not appropriate. If you are not sure of the proper underwear to use for your workout session, consult an underwear expert to ensure comfort during your workout session.

Exercise and a proper diet are the way to achieve a healthy heart; however, it is essential that you choose an activity you love doing. Walking, cycling, yoga, jogging, there are many forms of exercises to help improve your heart's health; you don't need to settle for a workout you don't love. Besides your personal preference, it is essential to consult your doctor before starting a new exercise routine.

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