Fashionable Shoes That Every Man Should Own

A man's shoes speak a lot about him. The right shoes will either improve your look or destroy it. Having the right shoe that looks stylish and complements your look will leave you standing out when you step out the door. If you need to know the type of shoes that matches well with most outfits and leave you looking fashionably through every occasion, you are in the right place.

Here is a list of shoes that should not miss from your wardrobe; 

Suede Chukka

Chukkas were initially popular in the '40s but have made a comeback in recent years. This shoe has a round-toe, ankle-high boot look with two to three lacing eyelets. The suede pair of chukkas is the best as it showcases the shoe's full texture, unlike the top trimmings. These shoes lean more on the casual look and offer a stylish alternative to sneakers. For the best look, combine the chukkas with a polo shirt and a pair of jeans. Adding a sports jacket will give you that appealing look. In case of a too formal look, chukkas help you dress down.

Leather boots

Laced leather boots are a must have for every man, whether it's the desert boots or the laced up ankle-high boots from astorflex greenflex. The ankle-high, dark-brown, or black boots match best with most outfits giving you that aesthetic look. For a casual look, you should look to cuff your pants. For a more conservative look, you could look to pull your trousers over the top of your boots. Leather boots are a great addition to your winter wardrobe. Don't be afraid to invest in the shoes if you want a long-lasting pair.


Conceived in Ireland with perforations and holes to help drain water after crossing swamps and bogs was initially not meant to be stylish but more practical. Today brogues are worn with almost all outfits giving you that elegant look. For a formal occasion, then the dark brown brogues with very little perforations work best. The more holes your shoe has, the more casual the look. Brogues offer the most style in either a casual or official look.


A pair of stylish, comfortable running sneakers are a must in every man's wardrobe. They are generally just designed to feel good rather than look good, but if you know how to match sneakers with the right outfit, they complement each other well. To maintain a good look at your sneakers, you will need to learn a good care routine.


To look good, you have to invest in your clothing, especially the shoes as you can't go anywhere without them. People will judge you from your shoes. The style of the shoes and how well they complement your look for a certain occasion will give people a good first impression about you. You can decide to go with a designer fashion because of its numerous benefits or just a style that you love, either way, these types of shoes are the most applicable to most outfits.

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