Improve Your Company By Being a Better Boss

This year has been a particularly hard year for almost everyone. With mass redundancies taking place and extra stress on staff to find new ways to work through the pandemic, it makes sense that stress levels are running high, and people are becoming more overwhelmed than usual.

As an employer, how can you work to be a better employer and treat your staff in a manner that will make them want to continue to work for you and perform their best at work every day?

Consider Flexible Working Hours

Respecting that your staff has all life outside of work will go a long way to treating your staff well. Understanding that sometimes, the rigid 9-5 doesn't always work for everyone will allow you to get the most out of your team by allowing them flexible working hours that fit around their personal life. Of course, this doesn't translate well in some sectors, but assessing each situation based on your businesses and individual circumstances could help your staff feel respected and treated fairly.

Remote Working.

Many surveys have shown that workers who can work remotely some or all of the time often put in longer working hours, take fewer sick days, and are more productive than if they were in the office. These days there are many different systems or SaaS applications you can use to keep in constant contact with staff working remotely to make sure their workload is being complied as it would be if they were in the office.

Kind Gestures.

Often, bosses who are generous to their staff in different ways are thought more highly of and earn more respect with their team. Christmas bonuses, extra vacation time, perk, and Christmas vouchers for staff they'll love will all go a long way to keeping your team happy and motivated all year round.

Listen to Concerns and Feedback

Your team is there, at ground level, helping to keep your company running. It makes sense that they would have ideas and suggestions on how things could run better, more smoothly, how the company can evolve, and more. Allowing staff to have an input into the day-to-day running of the company to improve their own working conditions and potentially boost your profile will, in turn, reward you with staff who are willing to go the extra mile. Hold regular meetings, actively encourage suggestions, and consistently listen and take on board feedback.

Staff Training

It may not seem like it, but ensuring your staff have regular training and eliminating any knowledge gaps will inevitably boost their confidence when working and foster a more positive working atmosphere. Ensure everyone is fully trained in their specific job role and in the intricacies of how the company works to allow them to do their job well. If people struggle to carry out their job roles, they will feel like they are undervalued and struggle in work. Resolving this will help you, your business, and staff morale.

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