Buckle Up Black Friday- SGILE RC Toys on Amazon

How ready are you for holiday shopping? Buckle Up Black Friday- We are coming! Have you been surfing the web for all of the great deals that will make your family scream on Christmas morning? Amazon has some amazing deals and with free Prime shipping, you can't go wrong.

Taking a break from the screens for a while and getting hands in with toys is so much fun. Remote control toys are a blast for all ages and SGILE has you covered with robots, cars, and animals. 

The Stunt Car

The SGILE Stunt car is amazing! It goes is ALL directions for the biggest adventure every time. It spins 360 degrees drives on both sides and does all kinds of cool stunts! It's available in red and green models. This toy is recommended for 6+ years. Available on Amazon and is a Prime product RV $26.99.

Insane Stunts, Cool Features - The car can move in all directions, can do extreme 360-degree tumbling spins, and can also flip on both sides using its controller. The racing car body is built with soft but strong plastic allowing it to handle all kinds of collisions. Premium rubber tires allow the car to be controlled easily while its internal coil springs are elastic, giving the car a smooth run.
Powerful Motor System - This SGILE Racing Car is powered by a powerful motor system that can push the car to a maximum speed of 15 km/hr. Give your kids the thrill and excitement of controlling this stunt car.
Impressive Design & Quality - Made out of premium ABS plastic, and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials, this racing car is safe to play for children. The SGILE Racing Car boasts an impressive body design with shiny green and cool surface finishing, making it look like a real racing car.
Easy Controls, Multiple Players - An easy to control remote controller with 2.4ghz transmitter strength, you can be maneuvered even from a far distance. Also, its strong transmitter power means no signal interference if multiple players race with you at the same time. Have an exciting time racing with your friends and family.
Double Fun - The SGILE Racing Car toy is equipped with a 4.8V 700 mAh NI-MH battery that lasts longer than other standard batteries. This means you can have double the fun every time you play with the SGILE Racing Car.

RC Racing Car

The SGILE Racing Car is a great choice for beginning remote controllers and regularly playing remote controllers. This red racing car is fun fast and bright! The recommended age is 6+ years. Available on Amazon and a Prime product RV $39.99

Speedy Drift Car: Powered by a strong motor, the RC car can drift and reach up to a speed of 18km/h, giving you a thrilling drift experience.
Team Play: Get your friends together and play with multiple RC cars with no signal interference. Help your kids develop their social and teamwork skills.
50 Mins Playtime: Equipped with two 6V 600mAh rechargeable batteries that provide a total power play of 50 mins.
100% Tested Toy: Built out of high-quality ABS and PA material, the car has undergone impact and drop tests, ensuring toughness and maximum durability.
Beginner’s RC Car: Designed with an easy-to-learn remote controller with a quick and precise response, this RC car is the best gift choice for beginners.

RC Robot

The RC Robot by SGILE is a super fun remote control robot that can dance, walk, sing, and more. It is recommended for 8+ years. RV $29.99.  

Gesture sensing:The SGILE remote control robot toy has a gesture sensing function, the sensor receiver zone on the chest can respond quickly after receiving various gesture commands and move forward, backward, left, and right accordingly.
Programming:The programmable kids robot toy has a One-button Programming function that can demonstrate a set of actions that the child enters through the remote control, and can input up to 50 motion commands so that kids can play their own imagination in play.
Patrol:After the patrol function is activated, the fun robot toy will move freely to observe. With its built-in sensor, the intelligent robot can detect and avoid obstacles encountered to avoid potential collisions.
Sing & Dance:The SGILE Robot toy has a pair of bright LED eyes, which can not only walk, slide but also have the function of singing and dancing. Dynamic music and dance will bring more fun to children.
Battery & Warranty:The robot can play for 60 minutes after charging for about 120 minutes! And you can easily charge it using the USB cable that comes with the robot. At the same time, SGILE provides 7*24 100% satisfaction service if the toy robot got damaged.

RC Dinosaur 

ROARRR, dance, and sing alongside this RC Dinosaur. It's smart, programmable to be interactive, walk, sing, and dance! Recommended for 36 Months+ (3 years+). Available on Amazon and a Prime product RV $59.99

Battle Mode: The RC dinosaur’s back is equipped with combat rigs - sucker bullets. After receiving the battle signal, the RC dinosaur will roar and enter battle mode. He looks around and eliminates sucker bullets to the target. He helps improve kids' courage while fighting side by side with robot dinosaur.
Bionics Design: The robot dinosaur is designed based on a bionic prototype of the tyrannosaurus. His head and tail can swing flexibly and perkily when moving on. With LED light in eyes and vivid sound effects, the toy dinosaur shows the power and prestige of ancient overlords.
Intelligent Tough Sensing: touch inductive area on the dinosaur’s head, he will swing his head and tail in response. Multiple response ways add more fun to playing.
Action Programming: You can conduct programming on multiple actions by its function button. Then start to play, he will show a series of actions. It helps improve kids’ creativity and imagination.
Lots of Fun: Not only can the robot dinosaur fight, but he is also a talented performer. He can dance with different prerecorded music. And you can use a remote control to switch two modes: slide & walk. Multiple functions bring more fun to your kids.

RC Dog

Who doesn't love a talking dog? All of the animal lovers in the world can't resist the RC Dog from SGILE. This programmable, interactive intelligent doggo can sing, dance, and talk. Recommended for ages 6 years +. Available on Amazon and a Prime product RV $39.94

Who Am I: Hello, little master! I’m a very adorable smart robot dog and look like a real one. I can walk everywhere, bark and wink at you, and melt your heart. Oh, I am also obedient, following your command is my obligation. I can do anything you want me to do!
Sing & Dance With Me: With versatility, I can speak and walk, sing, and dance. No need for a stage, once I receive your command, I will dance immediately with cool lights on my back. I have so much potential, so don’t miss me out! I will bring endless fun to you!
I Am Safe: I am a meek and well-behaved robot dog, I don’t hurt people. With a smooth and round body, I promise I won't get hit by my little master. Also, I’m strong and robust, will stay a long time with you.
I Can Program: I was born with a superb memory and fully programmable functions. Once you press my buttons, no matter what action you choose, I will show it with fun and joy. Don’t believe it? Try me. I will never let you down!
Easy To Feed Me: Oh, my little master! Please remember to keep me charged and full of energy by using a USB charger. That will feed me when I’m hungry. Otherwise, I will fall asleep. By the way, SGILE store, who gave me life also provides a 30-day free refund or replacement. So you don’t need to worry about any problems.

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