God's Greenery- Lifting The Body Mind, and Spirit For Whole Health This Christmas

Finding the perfect gifts for our family and friends for the holidays isn't as easy as it seems sometimes. I love finding gifts that I think someone would like so that they can enjoy it like a personalized mug or blanket, maybe some cool odd socks, yes, I am one of those ladies. What about getting people what they need or something that will help them longer than opening the gift?

We have been talking a lot about the upcoming holiday season and trying to decide what the best options are for everyone. It has been a tough year all the way around. We have all had so much added stress in one way or another. Some of us are getting it from all sides. It definitely affected the balance and peace of mind we need to stay focused and the ability to stay positive for some.

Since we can't just go out and give a big hug to the ones we love (travel restrictions and social distancing) let's help them feel better through supplements that are proven to work for the whole health aspect; body, mind, and spirit.

When God's Greenery first emailed me, it was an instant lightbulb that went off, how have I not thought of this sooner? Their product line would be the perfect gift for so many people. I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer but, a lot of people are hurting this time of year. Physically with the change in weather and emotionally due to the year, we've had.

I know there are a lot of people out there that only get to see their loved ones around the holiday's and this year, even that has been put on hold. We are right there with you, we don't get to see half of our kids this Christmas because of the pandemic. I know it's hard on everyone, let's hang in there and get through this tough year, next year will definitely be better!

God's Greenery has products that help your overall wellbeing. 

Fit & Flex Capsules

Our Fit & Flex™ capsules contain a blend of botanicals, helpful and Biblical herbs, along with organic Hemp, designed to support an active body and brain. Live a fit lifestyle with improved focus and balance.
  • $59.00
  • 30 liquid capsules per bottle.

Oil of Gladness

Nourish your body with The Oil of Gladness ™, a blend of botanicals, helpful and Biblical herbs, along with 10mg of organic and full-spectrum hemp, designed to help support a healthy body and mind.

With flax oil, basil oil, and coconut MCT, this is more than a simple CBD tincture; it is a health tonic for your body and brain. This unique blend also includes black cumin seed, rosemary, pepper, and clove for antioxidant benefits.
  • $89.00
  • 1 fl oz (30 ml) per bottle.

Sleep Capsules

God's Greenery Sleep™ capsules are a blend of botanicals, GABA, helpful and Biblical herbs, along with full-spectrum, organic, and single-step sourced hemp, designed to help promote restful sleep. Take up to 3 hours before bedtime and give your body the rest it requires to live optimally.
  • $59.00
  • 30 liquid capsules per bottle.
God's Greenery is offering free shipping on all orders. This is a great way to gift the gift of wellness this year.

You can find out more information on the God's Greenery website and their social media pages. 

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Amy & Aron's Real Life Reviews received these products for free as a gift to facilitate this post. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly or use the contact button over on the right side of the page.  

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