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Love your lips!!

I love makeup and all the different colors, styles, and moods it can create.  Especially when I can use it and know that I am doing something beneficial for myself along the way. I have to tell you about this two in one lip gloss and lip balm from KMK Luxury. It's a dual-purpose lip color that has the beautiful color of the gloss along with the full treatment of the balm. Yes, they are separate treatments in on genius push up/ pull out container!

Just to show how much I love it, I was writing a post about all of the make I like wearing but, I got hung up on the lip gloss so I decided to switch it up and just write about the gloss. Believe me, it's the whole post-worthy. It's so awesome in fact, I am hosting a giveaway that's live right now for the Lauren Gloss Color ($27.99 trv). It ends November 23, 2020, at midnight so, I am hoping you are reading this post in enough time to catch it and get your entries in. Feel free to share this post with everyone you can so they can find out about this lip gloss/ lip balm too and get their chance to enter in the giveaway. 

Okay, so I had to get that out of the way so my over-excitement doesn't ruin the post, I was starting to feel like a cheerleader, I must pace myself!! 

This is called the KMK Luxury Infinity Gloss. The Infinity Gloss is available in 3 color options, all with the dual lip gloss and refreshing minty lip balm. Lauren- a plum color (I have), Kimberly- a peachy/orange color, and Keri- a lighter pink color. 

How it works

This is the most unique gloss I have ever had. It has a push-up balm right in the cap. Flip open the cap, push it up, and put it on. The balm locks in hydration. Then, apply the gloss right over the balm to add the beautiful pigment. What makes the gloss so perfect for every occasion is add layers to add intensity. It's not too intense of a color that has to be blotted off, it's a nice subtle color and reapplying the gloss makes it stand out more and more. 

What makes it so special?

The KMK Luxury Infinity Gloss has four main benefits that really make it worth the investment. As if the perfect pairing of the gloss isn't enough. 
  • Moisturizes lips with the added vitamin e
  • Formulated to provide a smoother finish
  • Did you catch that yummy smell from the lip gloss?? Mmmmm-Minty!
  • Adds a pop of color and shine
The added vitamin E is great because it turns it into an all year gloss. It keeps my lips super soft and healthy-looking. It's formulated to provide a smoother finish meaning it's not going to gather up in little rolls. For me, that drives me, crazy guys. I hate it when my lip color bunches up on my lips making me pick at it and bite at it until I get so annoyed I just wipe it off. I don't get that with the Infinity Gloss. It's smooth and stays smooth. I add more when I want and I don't have to pick it off. I love that! I really like the minty balm too. It's a refreshing scent. It doesn't have that plastic playdough taste like some lip colors have. It also adds a pop of color and shine. It doesn't dull out. When it wears off just add on more, that simple! It's not cakey or spotty putting it on.

I really can't say enough about the KMK Luxury Infinity Gloss. It's everything I could imaging for a lip balm and a lip color. It's smooth, easy to use, and lasts. I love it! 

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I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly. 

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  1. This looks like it would feel great. I love the Lauren color