Three Peas In A Pod Has A Whole New Meaning

Kids love toys that come with a surprise inside. This has been going on for what seems like forever! Starting back in the 1890s when the first Russian Nesting Dolls appeared in Moscow.  We just like fun surprises, especially kids. When I was little, there was a baby doll that came with a birth certificate and its first outfit in an envelope. It took the magic of the kitchen sink and a pair of flapping excited hands to find out if you were the proud mama of a girl or boy. Just remembering that brings back that feeling of happy excitement. I can't wait to do this review with these girls to see if they get as excited as I did at the same age. 

There are so many variations of the "surprise inside" nowadays and it's so awesome to see that very same excitement on the faces of little ones. One of the new ones that I have seen recently is more than just a surprise inside a kind of toy. It brings nature home with little Three Peas In A Pod full of magic. The Pea Pod Babies.

What caught my eye with these little guys is "Even Picky Eaters Are Scooping Up Three Peas In A Pod". Believe me, I know all about picky eaters. "Three Peas in a Pod" is a phrase I have heard so many times growing up. The little filled pea pods are the perfect container for these Pea Pod Babies toys. 

The kit opens like a book.  You can tear into window #1, 2, 3, and 4, and inside are Pea Pod Babies. Each of which has three "peas" inside with a baby and accessories.  When you finish unboxing you’ll have four complete babies with accessories. All different. Each Pea Pod comes with three peas. One containing a mystery baby doll, one filled with a complete outfit, and one holding accessories, and a birth certificate. The only problem... Finding a new name to write in on the birth certificates. How sweet are these girls! I'm not sure who had more fun with this, me or them. 

The girls had so much fun opening the pods. They are a silicone texture and they stay whole and in the shape of a pea pod. They are SO cute! I'm sure you can hear the squeal in their voices as they're opening the pods. It's so cute when their expressions match the excitement in their voices. "Look at these little babies" and "My baby wants to borrow your baby's purple booties and your baby can borrow my baby's green ones". How cute are little sisters?! 

These are so cute and they love how the accessories come in little pea pods. They giggled and made jokes about not being able to play with your food. So, of course, I had to chime in with don't make a mess and don't feed the dogs under the table. They absolutely LOVE the Pea Pods Babies and had so much fun opening them and seeing which Pea Pod Babies they got. They love the tiny booties, pacifiers, toys, and bottles. Two of the babies came with bonnets and two came with glasses. 

These little Pea Pod Babies are so cute and so much fun. Check them out on the Thin Air Brands website and their social media pages. I linked them below so you can get to them directly. 

I received these products as a gift for free to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to me directly or check out the "contact me" button on the right side of the page. 

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