To My Daughter- Love, Dad- Blanket by Jurllyshe on Amazon

So many of our holiday gifting gifts are going to be done through the mail this year. Sadly, we can't have the kids come because of the pandemic and travel restrictions. It's too much for Aron's legs to be in the car that long (12 hours each way) and we don't feel safe sending the kids to the airport. So we have been trying to find thoughtful gifts from far away. 

Daddy and daughters have a special bond. I'm not discrediting moms and daughters, I have a bond with my daughter that I feel is unbreakable but daddy's and daughters are different. Maybe it's just the sweetness and delicateness of it. 

My husband's daughter was a premie baby and in the NICU for quite a while. Their bond started way back then when he stayed at the hospital day after day. He worked, went to the hospital, and back to work, every day until she came home. I love seeing the pictures and the way his eyes light up and the tears of joy that roll down his cheeks when he talks about how proud he is of her. From a tiny little 5lb newborn to a 17-year-old full-time worker, student, and all-around beautiful human being! We are all proud of her. 

A blanket has so many gifting qualities. It will be used for years to come, it's snuggly, it's comforting, and it can be thought of as the big hug he just can't give her right now. 

When this one got here, it was in an airtight container bag that kept it from any damage along the way. That's perfect for shipping, we will be loading it into another package to ship it to her when it gets closer to Christmas. 

The blanket is a rectangle and measures 50 inches x60 inches. That's a great size for snuggling in to do homework, watch tv or just lounge with. 

To my Daughter,
Even when I'm not close by,
I want you to know I love you
For the little girl
that you once were
For the amazing woman
that you are today
And for the precious daughter
that you will always be.
Wrap yourself up in this
and consider it a big hug!!
Love, Dad

So, I cry every time I read it. It is the sweetest thing ever! 

Brand: Jurllyshe
Retail: $29.99
Prime Eligible: Yes

Jurllyshe has 3 other prints for Love, Mom and Love, Dad. To daughter and to son. 

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