Give The Gift Of Organization- Cabinet Caddy at Insp!red

So what about gifting for a purpose? One thing that has always made me a little crazy is an organization. With having a larger family, it seems like everything has pieces that are out of place. Something always needs put away. There is always something left out. Don't get me wrong, my house is not a mess, I just need help organizing stuff. 

One of my biggest pet peeves is the little container stuff. Have you ever looked at the spice cabinet? I mean, really looked at it? In ours, there are two shelves dedicated to tiny bottles of flavor beans that have no organization except halfway grouping. Baking seasons are on the top, meat seasons are on the bottom. I think there are more categories than that but in my head, it's breakfast flavors on the top and dinner seasons on the bottom. If the kids get in there making stuff, there is no telling what will end up where. 

Salt is easy to spot because it's big and round, pepper is easy to find, it's a box, but, if you are looking for cinnamon and grab paprika, garlic, or soul seasoning first, that's normal. I don't know how many times I have purchased duplicate spices because the ones I like to use get pushed back so that I can't see or reach them and I think we are all out. 

I have just been gifted the most awesome, I mean AMAZING, helper for that. It's the Cabinet Caddy. This thing is the miracle worker of all things small. You can organize makeup, crafting supplies, and other small-sized containers that are easily stored and organized with the Cabinet Caddy. At first, I thought it would be the perfect kitchen accessory but after checking out the Insp!red website, the possibilities are endless! 

They have a whole section of ways you can use the Cabinet Caddy, my mind is blown, how didn't I think of this right away? They show off easily stored cosmetics, hardware, crafts, prescriptions, shoeshine kit, essential oils, supplements, first aid, and baking goods. 

So, what is Cabinet Caddy?

Cabinet Caddy is a modular, instant-access, pull-and-rotate organizer, that makes the most of vertical space. Maximize tidiness in tight spaces and find what you want, when you need it. Double-decker shelves fit different-sized containers, including spices, medicines, cosmetics, craft supplies, and so much more.

Do I have to use special containers?

NO! Something that has always been a little frustrating and why I don't have one is a spice rack. Spice racks are great but, all spices are not the same size. That means, no matter what I fit on the spice rack, I will still be using the cabinet for extra odd-sized containers. With the Cabinet Caddy, I can put everything in there. 

How do I know if it will fit?

Something that is really great about the Cabinet Caddy is the size. It's 10.75 inches high, 5.25 inches wide, and 10.75 inches deep. It fits easily in most spaces and doesn't have to be in a cabinet. It can just as easily set up on the counter or on a shelf. 

Does it have to be professionally installed?

Nope! This set comes with everything you need to put it in all by yourself. There are no tools needed to install. 

What comes in the box?

Adhesive Labels for the handles to help you categorize and organize
Two Foam Stability Inserts that keep items from tipping when shelves are not full.
3M Non-Skid Feet to keep unit from sliding plus optional 3M Adhesive Pad

What If I Need More Space?

Cabinet Caddy is able to be set up with additional units side by side and work fully functionally. You can also purchase accessories to go with it. 


You may remember the review of the coolest picture hanging kit I have ever seen back in the summer. It's called GoHangIt! This kit comes with everything you need to mark your walls correctly and hang any kind of picture. 

What comes in the box?

This system comes with all of the hardware you need to hang all of your pictures.

  • 6 D-Rings
  • 8 ft Picture Hanging Wire
  • 10 Nails (1.75 x 25)
  • 10 Nails (2.0 x 30)
  • 24 #6 3/8" Self-Tapping Screws
  • 10 Picture Hooks (10 lb)
  • 8 Picture Hooks (20 lb)
  • 4 Picture Hooks (30 lb)
  • 12 Single-Notch Precision Hangers

 Check out my full review HERE.

I receive these products for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me directly. 

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