KickerFeast Colorful and Delicious Pancakes and Waffles Anytime!

When the cooler weather rolls in, it sparks so many nostalgic feelings. There are certain smells, sounds, and flavors that trigger all of those relatable moments making traditions what they are. For me, food is a big one. Our family has always fed our emotions. If we are happy, celebrating, or anything else, we feed it. It's not always a bad thing. Well, maybe bad for my waistline if I get a little carried away but for the most part, pretty manageable. 

So, sharing that information with you, I must admit my love for pancakes. So many of my life's memories, starting with my great grama, when I was so little I couldn't reach the stove without a step stool, revolved around making pancakes. It taught me life lessons like patience and acceptance. 

How can pancakes do all that? Simple, have you ever tried flipping a pancake before the bubbles were in the top? My gramaVelma stood there with her skillet, spatula in hand, me on the step stool, and her rounding the edges of the pancake talking. I swear most of my wisdom came from that woman and it always hit me at the moments I needed it the most. 

She said, "There is no such thing as the perfect pancake". One of my high school teachers told me that and it was an instant flashback to standing on the stool in her big white kitchen. The comparison was to be the perfect student. As years went on, I heard it other times in other relations but it always made me think of her. 

Pancakes are very sentimental to me. I have been hardly judged for that love because of the calories and carbs but they don't have to be unhealthy. I like experimenting with them and giving them flavor and toppings and when the mood hits me just right, stuffing them. Yes, an ultimate stuffed pancake with bacon and sausage smothered with maple syrup and a side of eggs, is pretty dang good. And yes, I do like breakfast for dinner sometimes. 

When I heard about KickerFeast Pancake and Waffle Mix, I wanted to try them out so bad! It's colorful and healthier than traditional pancakes while still being a delicious pancake. Who wouldn't want to try that? 

I love the story of how they got started. A kid that wanted pancakes and a parent that was juicing carrots, BAM- Orange pancakes. Making memories and delicious food. It's the moments like that, that stick with you forever. It's my kind of story and of course, I had to try it. 

The colorful pancakes are made with real fruits and veggies.

Blue- Blueberry (my favorite)
Red- Beet
Orange- Carrot
Orange- Pumpkin

Making them is as easy as using a complete pancake mix. All you have to do is mix with water and let it rest then cook. It's that simple!

Pancakes are already so easy to make that it's my go-to breakfast item if the kids are having sleepovers. It doesn't matter how many kids are there, pancakes will definitely fill them up until lunch.

Check out Kicker Feast and see some of their great topping ideas. Stay connected and see what other people are saying about them on their social media.

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