Setting The Table For Family and Friends

Creating the perfect tablescape can be so much fun. You can create a whole mood by the way the center is fixed. I have some great ideas that you can use to help you set up your next meal. 

For starters, you will need three basic items that you will use no matter what the situation is.


A tablecloth is a good foundation. If you are celebrating a birthday party or throwing a shower of some kind you can choose a tablecloth color that matches the theme. In the end, you can use that to tie it all together. When purchasing your tablecloth, make sure you pay close attention to the table shape you have. It should be clearly marked on the packaging. It's one thing that I have found out the hard way. Usually, tablecloths are sold in round, square, and rectangle to meet all of the standard table shapes. 

After you have chosen the tablecloth, you can start dressing the table. I like to start with the basics that way I know how much space I have left to work with. Getting the service out, keep in mind how many people you are serving, and in my opinion for parties, it doesn't hurt to have a few backups. 

Silverware is pretty simple. I like to go with a set so that everyone has the same setting. I just got a 21 piece that's perfect for a party up to four. FORID silverware set includes 4 dinner knives, 4 dinner forks, 4 dinner spoons, 4 salad forks, 4 teaspoons, and 1 steak knife as Extra Bonus, 21 pieces in all.

Dishes can get to be simple or elegant. I have always preferred simple and solid colors for dishes. My main reason is the mom in me speaking for sure. Plain colors are easy to find singles to match if one gets broken. I have had several sets of dishes throughout my adult life and not one set has lasted more than six months without losing at the very least, one piece. I learned that for our family, the best option is to quit buying sets of dishes and head to the aisle with all of the stacks of single dishes. 

Glasses are close to the same as dishes to our family. It's nice to have a set of standard water glasses, a set of coffee mugs, as well as stemware. That will cover you for all of your dining occasions. For the more formal dinners, you will use all three sets. Water and wine for the main course and coffee with dessert. 

Another situation depending on the party is the centerpiece of the table. For a more formal meal, you can use a vase or candles to set the mood. What I love about using a vase is it's so functional no matter what the occasion. You don't have to only use flowers. You can use stone marbles or colored beads to tie in all of the colors. You can make it look very classy with the accessories. Candles are great for a more romantic or intimate meal. For birthday parties and other celebrations, you can use the cake as the centerpiece. 

After all of that is set, look for accessories to decorate with, if it's a party anyway. Personally, I think that romantic or intimate dinners are best served with simple and with fewer accessories. 

Now parties, on the other hand, accessorize all the way! 

If you are using flowers as a centerpiece, you can get fake plant ivy in the crafting section of any store to wind around the centerpiece to add in some pazazz. 

For birthday parties, you can use confetti sprinkled around the table in between settings to share the festive feeling. I wouldn't get the confetti close to the silverware because you don't want your guests eating it on accident. 

So that's that for the table advice. What do you think?

Do you have any other suggestions to make your tablescape unique and functional? A place to share a meal and great conversations and celebrations.

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