Small Ways To Treat Yourself After A Hard Week

It is a new year and January often brings us many different opportunists and chances for improvement. Of course, 2021 hasn’t started in the best form yet, and we still have a long way to go to rid the world of COVID and its impact.

It is important for us to look after ourselves during these uncertain times and this goes for our health as well as our mental well-being. Today we want to talk about some small ways you can treat yourself after a stressful day or week during this ongoing pandemic.

Keep safe and look after yourself.

A pamper session

One of the best ways to make yourself feel fresh and happier during COVID is to have a self care pamper session at home. We may not be able to get dressed up and go anywhere right now but this shouldn’t stop you from looking after your skin and hair to keep it looking youthful and fresh. A simple pamper session could include applying a face and a hair mask, washing these out, and enjoying facial exfoliator, cleanser, toner,
and moisturizer. You can even try a heatless hairstyle for your hair and leave it for a few hours or overnight to give you bouncy and healthy curls even when you are stuck at home.

A home date night

If you are with your partner and both still staying at home for work due to the ongoing pandemic- a lovely way to treat both of you would be an at-home date night. You can decide what you want to cook for or with your partner and write out a simple menu to place on your dining table. Add a few tealights and some dried flowers to the table for decoration and buy yourself a nice bottle of wine or two. You could even go one step further and pick out a wine for each of your courses such as a crisp white for a salad starter, a rich red for a meaty main, and a sweet dessert wine or rose for your chocolate dessert. Have fun pretending you are in a restaurant just for one night and forget about the world for a while.

A little treat

It is not unreasonable during this time to do some online shopping during the week and treat yourself to something you want. It could be anything from iphone 12 cases, to clothes, to a new gadget for work. Treating yourself to a parcel can be fun and is a great thing to open the door to after a stressful week.

A new outfit

Speaking of a treat - one thing you can try to do during your extended time at home is treat yourself to a new outfit. You can either buy a new outfit online or you can also look on Pinterest for inspiration and see what you already have at home to make a new outfit from. Dress out of your PJs for a day and wear a nice new outfit and it will make you feel much happier.

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