How To Help Your Children Stay Healthy

Although we often focus on our own health, as a parent it’s just as important to focus on our children’s health too and to come up with ways of keeping them fit and healthy. The good news is, by doing this for them, you can be doing it for yourself too. And just as you would take them to an expert in speech and language such as Dr. Dorian Wilkerson if they need help in that department, or an expert in behavioural issues if that was important, sometimes a health expert can be required to engage with a child and help them to stay healthy.

Most of the time, however, it will be down to the parents. If you’re not sure where to start, read on; there are some useful tips here that will point you in the right direction.

Wash Hands Frequently

Right now, hand washing is clearly something that everyone is going to be doing a lot more, but even when the current health crisis is over, these good habits we’re developing shouldn’t be forgotten, and they’re not something that your children should be uninformed about either.

Make it a rule in your home to wash your hands before and after meals (and before and after food prep), and after touching animals, using the bathroom, sneezing, blowing your nose, and coughing. The best way to ensure this happens is to do it first, showing your little ones how to wash their hands in the right way and when to do it. This will soon become a healthy habit for everyone.

Use Non-Chemical Cleaners

It might seem like a good thing to clean your house frequently and remove any germs and bacteria, and in essence, it is. However, if you’re using chemical cleaners then you could be making the home an unsafe place for your children, or at least one that isn’t as healthy as you thought it was.

Cleaning your house regularly is crucial, but if you can swap the chemical cleaners for natural ones, you’ll be leaving it in a much better state. You can buy ready-made safe household cleaners or, to save money and so you know exactly what ingredients are included, you can make your own.

Keep Them Home When They’re Ill

We all know that it can be a battle between heart and mind about whether to send children into school if they’ve got a bit of a bug or a cold. You think you want to keep them at home because they’re unwell, but you know that if they go into school they’re likely to feel a little better (and, if they’re really ill, they’ll get sent home again). What to do?

The answer is to keep them at home. Even if they do feel better with some activity, they will still be ill underneath, and that illness can spread to others. Plus, if your child’s immune system is down they can more easily pick up other, secondary bugs. Keep them home, warm, and let them get well on their own. It’s worth a few missed school days in the long term.

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