Sexy Yet Modest - Top 5 Tips & Styles of Mother of the Bride Dresses

Most mums focus on choosing a dress that is age-appropriate and would make them look beautiful. However, there are some voguish mums who wouldn’t want to miss out on looking sexy and bold on their daughter’s wedding day.

If you are shopping for the perfect mother of the bride gown with the vision of looking alluring and sophisticated at the same time on the big day, check out the following useful tips and styles:

1. Fitted Mermaid Dresses with Flattering Necklines

One of the most important things that you should remember is- looking sexy does not always mean choosing revealing outfits. It’s all about showcasing your curves perfectly and mermaid dresses indeed do so. The flattering necklines such as off-shoulder or illusion bateau will give your attire the sophisticated touch that it needs.

Check out these mermaid mother of the bride dresses from the latest collection online:

2. High Slit Skirts Are Always Welcome!

If you’re confident enough to give a little “sneak peek” of that long slender leg, try out fitted dresses with high-slit skirts. No doubt, they are bold and indeed perfect for mums who don’t want to stick to mainstream fashion. Ideally, they go best with sheath skirts. Remember that you have to look modest and sexy at the same time- therefore, if you get a high-slit sheath dress, try to couple it with full-length sleeves which will certainly make you look classy.

Go through these sexy mother of the bride dresses to pick a favorite:

3. Balance It Well

Sometimes just a bold neckline can transform your entire attire but it’s all about balancing the top half with the bottom half. For instance, if you go with a plunging V neckline dress, it’s best if the silhouette is a flaring one such as an A-line skirt. That will make you look sophisticated but still give you the desired sexiness. In simple words, if the top half is sexy, make sure the bottom half is fairly modest and vice versa.

Here are the trending MOB dresses that will keep everything in balance:

4. Sheer Jackets

Accessorizing your dress with jackets can make a significant difference. To fulfill your purpose of looking sexy and modest at the same time there is not a better combination than strapless dresses with see-through embroidered jackets. Make sure the color and design coordinate with your gown well; you can also attempt at a contrast. The embellishments or embroidery can add a hint of glamour. You can also try it out with sleeveless MOB dresses from Jovani, Sherri Hill, Mon Cheri, and so on.

Here are the mother of the bride dresses 2021 that are certain to catch your attention:

5. Appropriate Length

An easy way to look sexy is to simply choose a short dress instead of a long one. But at the same time, one must remember to be careful with the length. For instance, going with a mini-length dress and accessorizing it with fishnet stockings wouldn’t be ideal in this scenario but choosing a midi-length dress and pairing it with mid-heels will be. If you’re feeling experimental, try the high-low mother of the bride dresses as well.

Choose from these midi MOB dresses by designer brands:

When you shop for the mother of the bride dress to celebrate the most special day of your daughter’s life, it is quite common to feel confused amongst a lot of options. Therefore, the smart thing to do is coordinating with the bridal gown. Remember to carry the style confidently; don’t shy away from owning those beautiful curves.

Happy shopping!

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