How to Step Up Your Fitness Regime

Most people get into fitness with modest objectives. If they can just get a little bit fitter and healthier, then they’ll be happy. However, while this is where most people start, it’s not where some people finish. It’s hard to get moving with a fitness regime, but once you’ve got the difficult beginnings out of the way, you’ll be in a good position to really step up and cement fitness into your lifestyle. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the best ways you can step up your regime once you feel you’ve hit a plateau.

Hire a Personal Trainer

The basics of fitness are pretty easy; anyone can understand them and do them. However, the more technical aspects of fitness are not so straightforward. They require knowledge and expertise that you’re unlikely to possess! While you can learn these techniques on your own, it can be much simpler and faster to simply hire someone who already has the knowledge. Working with a personal trainer is an effective way to skyrocket your fitness regime. They’ll correct your form, present new methods, and also make sure that you stay on target. Give it a try!

Have a Goal

Most people that decide they want to get fit do so for the same two reasons: to look better and to feel fitter and healthier. But what about when you’ve reached those objectives? If you’re no longer motivated by the goal that you set at the beginning of your campaign, then you might find that exercise becomes a little less engaging. So why not look at setting new goals? When it comes to possibilities, the sky’s the limit. If you’re a runner, then your goal may be to compete in the AF Canyon Half Marathon. If you’re a climber, it might be to travel internationally to summit peaks.

60% More Effort

It might feel like you’re putting in all the effort that you can when you’re working out, but are you really? According to the experts, people tend to give up once they reach 40% of the effort. That means they’re leaving 60% on the table. And that, of course, could make a huge difference if you put it into your workout! Take a look at what’s causing you to stop your workout early. Is it because you’re getting hungry? Because you only have a set amount of time? Both these issues can be overcome by making some adjustments!

Daily Fitness

Finally, remember that while working out and exercising will provide the bulk of your fitness progress, it can’t be responsible for everything. If you’re running twice a week, but spending the rest of the time on the couch, then you won’t be as fit as you could be. So look at supplementing your workout with daily fitness. This can be simple things like going for an evening walk (or just trying to walk more), taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or just making a habit of getting up to move throughout the day.

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