5 Top Tricks on How You Can Improve on Your Self-Defense

Rape, assault, theft, battery. These are some of the unfortunate incidences of crime that threaten the health and security of women. You might be taking your usual routine path home one day, and you get attacked by unknown assailants. The world is rapidly advancing, and with this era of gun violence, you need to learn how best you can protect yourself in any situation.

In the year 2017, 1.7 % of women aged 15 or older reported to have been victims of one of the multiple violent crimes. This figure has since tripled to date.

The best way for you to protect yourself is by being cautious of your environment and learning a few self-defence techniques that might save your life. Here’s a look at some of the methods you can embrace.

Trust your Instincts

More often than not, your gut may warn you of impending danger. That rumble in your stomach is not necessarily a sign of hunger, but it could be that your senses have detected impending danger. Do not ignore that feeling of being watched or being followed.

Pay closer attention to your surroundings and carefully plan on your next course of action.

If you feel that you are being followed, avoid using a path that might lead you into a dark alleyway with no human or car traffic.

You are considered most vulnerable for a woman when part of your attention is focused on your phone.

Arm Yourself

You do not necessarily have to equip yourself with a gun for you to feel safe. The market is filled with a variety of devices that can help you keep off any prying attacker. A non lethal weapon such as pepper spray is a handy tool to always keep nearby.

With non-lethal weapons, no specialized training is required, you aim and spray, and your attacker instantly becomes immobilized.

Exercise frequently

Being in tip-top shape is not only essential for a healthy lifestyle, but it acts as an effective form of defence in the face of an attack.

Being able to outrun your attacker will provide zero chance for you to fall victim.

Defence Classes

Taking up training or defence classes such as karate or krav maga martial arts will help you defend yourself in case of an attack. Violent attackers tend to pry on women as they are viewed as easy targets.

When practising self-defence, it is crucial to know what to do and how to do it. Do not throw fits at your attacker if you do not know how to aim or properly hit.

A missed target will end up irritating your attacker, which might result in a violent attack that can be fatal.

Sign up for a basic class on effective defensive techniques that will help improve your combat skills in the face of any impending danger.

Do Not Be Materialistic

Sometimes, it is safer caving in than attacking. If an attacker approaches you demanding your possessions, the safest form of reaction would be to provide them and walk away.

Some attackers tend to be looking for an easy way to make money, resulting in the robbery. If your self-defence techniques are poor, don’t bother putting up a fight.

In addition to practicing the above tips to avoid being the victim, you must avoid putting yourself in situations that would warrant you into one easily. Avoid late-night walks, especially if you’re alone.

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