How To Get The Most Out Of Your Home Office

Working from home is a dream for many. Having the flexibility to work from home means you don’t need to spend half an hour getting ready in the morning. Neither will you need to commute. But it does come with some problems. For a start, creating the perfect home office can be quite the chore. Especially when you consider that everyone has different tastes. Some might want certain features in their home office which others will completely hate. It means finding the right advice can be pretty tough and the advice you do read has to be applied to your own life in a bespoke way.

Get The Temperature Right

Whether you’re working from a shed at the end of the garden, to a makeshift study in the corner of the living room, you need to make sure you’re working at a comfortable temperature. For a start, check for draughts. These will primarily come from cracks in the windows edging. You can caulk these to stop it immediately. It might be that you want to look into insulation, you can find more information at, just make sure that you really need it before going ahead. The work can be invasive especially if you need to work from the room right away. Look after your boiler and consider getting a new one so that heating the office isn’t as expensive as it would be otherwise. If you get the temperature right, you’ll be far more comfortable being at work.

Protect Your Work Space

If you’re trying to work when the kids are running around, you aren’t going to be at your best. You need to protect your workspace. You can do this by setting clear boundaries with your family. They need to know that you aren’t to be disturbed when you’re in your office, working. This might be pretty tough at first. With the novelty of them having you at home. It might even be hard for you. But set the boundaries as fast as you can so that you set up to succeed right from the start. You might want to go down the extreme route and lock yourself in if you’re really seeing a problem. If you’re working in a more open space, you just have to shut yourself off. Noise cancelling headphones can be a brilliant idea here.

Get The Right Tools

It might be that your workplace has purchased a laptop for you. They’ll want you to succeed as best possible. However, the internet speed is usually something only you can affect. If your kids are playing games online, your partner is streaming a film, and you’re trying to have a video conference with people all over the world you’re not going to get too far. You can try a wifi booster, and if that doesn’t work try to plug in directly to the router with an ethernet cable. If this still doesn’t work you likely need a better network connection plan. It might cost you a bit more each month, but it’s always going to be worthwhile if it can up your productivity and mean you can work without a care.

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