ALOVA True Wireless Earbuds Available On Amazon

We just got home from a mini-vacation visiting family a few states away and I have to say, it was the best trip we have taken in a long time. The kids weren't fighting, the car was comfortable and not overcrowded, the weather was good, it was just a great trip! Finding that formula after 20 years of family road trips, PRICELESS!

So, I know you are wondering, what's the secret. How, in the world of parenting teenagers, did something so magical happen? Earbuds. Yes, earbuds. Magical little sound machines that plug the listening holes of noisy creatures that we created. Those earbuds meant that everyone was listening to what they want to hear and it's just like I said, Magical!

The earbuds that saved our sanity and gave us the best vacation in the history of family vacations are the ALOVA True Wireless Earbuds. These are super comfortable and have a cool-looking unique case. I have to share all about these earbuds so you can join in the family togetherness time.

What's in the box?

Opening the box you will find everything you need to operate and care for this earbuds set. It comes with extra ear tips, a micro USB charger, and the instructions manual.

The micro USB can be used by plugging into a power bank, wall outlet, or any other power supply.

Rechargeable Case

The ALOVA wireless headset charging case is one of the most unique cases I have ever seen. It has a rotating top to expose the earbuds to remove/replace them and to cover them when it's not in use. I love the easy rotate cover. It keeps dust and dirt out of the terminal and protects the pins. It's a compact case that fits right in a pocket or purse to have with you all the time.

Not only is this one of the most unique cases I've ever seen but you can charge your headset five or six times each time you charge the case. That means you can charge your case overnight and use and recharge your earbuds all day long or longer!!

How do they charge?

Charging the earbuds is very easy. Charge the case by using the provided micro USB cable or a universal micro USB cable. The earbuds charge by being placed in their home in the case. Each earbud has its own terminal specific to its shape. It has a magnetic grab that holds it securely in place. When you place the earbud into the terminal you can hear and feel the magnet grab the earbud. It happens really fast so if you are unsure about the connection just flip the case over your hand, the earbud will not fall out if it's in properly.

How long do they charge? And how long does it last?

The battery charge life expectancy is really good with the ALOVA earbuds. Its built-in 40mAH/500mAH batteries take about an hour and a half to fully charge and have up to 5 hours of continuous use. One charge of the case lasted for the WHOLE mini vacation.

How do they sync? What does the flashing mean?

They sync with Bluetooth technology. Make sure your earbuds are charged. 
Make sure your wireless device is charged and powered on. Turn in your Bluetooth. 
Take out one or both of the earbuds, however many you are using, and power them on (at the same time if using both).  
Scan for available devices. Click on ALOVA Q9A when it pops up.
When your earbuds first turn on they will flash rapidly when they start the Bluetooth connection/pairing. When the earbuds are paired together they will flash slowly. Once they are paired to the device successfully, the flashing will stop.

If you're having trouble connecting/pairing your wireless headset to your device place the headset back into the charging case, turn the Bluetooth off on your device. Turn the Bluetooth back on and then take the headset out of the case. The earbuds will connect easier if the Bluetooth is on before they try connecting.

Single or double use?

Everyone has a preference. It's just like the backpack, are you a one strapper or 2? The ALOVA earbuds can be used in one earbud at a time or both. You pick!!

Adjusting for use

You can use the earbuds for music or phone calls. You can control your volume with your wireless device and you can toggle between songs with a previous or next all you have to do is double press l/r.
Answering the phone is super easy too there isn't a specific button to answer or end which is awesome for anyone who's learning how to use earbuds for the first time. You can answer or end any calls with a short press of any one of the function buttons. That means there's no tapping around and thinking you hung up when you didn't actually hang up which can be a lifesaver at times. You can also refuse an incoming call by a single pressing and holding any one of the function buttons for one second.

Another great feature is the power save option. Yolova headset will power itself off in 5 minutes if not connected with any wireless device that means you can save your batteries and know that you can use them for the next time. You'll over wireless headset has a thousand hours of standby time!

The ALOVA Wireless Headset is awesome for listening to music, answering phone calls, and being connected to your wireless devices just like you want to be. No wires to get snagged or tangled on. Find them on Amazon in a black or white case.

I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review if you have any questions please contact me directly by email or the blogger contact button over on the right side. I look forward to hearing from all of you.

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