ArtPix 3D Creations Has Won My Heart Over!

Have you ever given a gift that made you and the recipient cry? I am a very sentimental gifter and I just had the opportunity to cry my eyes out at one of the most precious reactions ever!! It's a reward, really. If you can look at something so precious and it brings tears to your eyes, it's a keeper!

So, here is how it started.

I had been talking to ArtPix3D about a possible collaboration with them on one of their personalized crystals. I love the LED Crystals, for me, it was a no-brainer. I wanted to work with them as soon as I talked to them the first time. What they could do with a simple snapshot is beyond words!

So, while I was in the planning stages, I was trying to think of an image that I would like to capture in time. We have so many pictures on our devices and in my memory box, it was very tough to decide which one would be best. Every time I thought I had it figured out I would find another one that I liked even more. We were getting ready to go on vacation so I wanted to put the project down for the weekend and start back fresh when we got home, with a clear view.

On our last day at my Mother In Laws house, we were taking pictures of the family. It's something we do every summer. Aron leaned in for a snapshot with his mom and it was perfect. I fell in love with the picture. I showed his mom and she said, "Oh, My God, I never smile like that for pictures, I love that picture". It was a quick, unstaged picture that turned out better than any of the other pictures that we took that day. She asked if I could print that off for her and I said, of course! I wanted a copy at our house too. Then the ArtPix project popped in my head, I knew I was going to do better than print it off!

I didn't even make it back home before I had the picture submitted to the company for the project. That's when the anticipation kicked in. I was so excited to get the personalized crystal in my hot little hands! I kept it to myself until it got delivered. To be honest, I don't even know how I managed to do it. I am so horrible at surprises. I'm one of those gifters that as soon as I order it I am sending screenshots of the products to tell people what I got them. 

I wanted to send this picture out to be printed so I could frame it, which I might still do but, what I have now is so much more than that. It's so much more than a picture! I was able to take a moment and frozen in time, have it custom-made into a LED Crystal. Forever, that moment is saved, in 3-D life-like keepsake.

My initial response was speechless, then the tears. I couldn't believe the clarity and quality of their work. Seeing the crystal in real life, was so impressive. I instantly started sending pictures of it to my family and friends, I didn't even have it all the way out of the box. It was still nestled in the black satin feeling padded box. I just have to say, the whole presentation was perfect.

Why ArtPix?

ArtPix is so much more than a 3D Crystal keepsake creator. They also have crystals in the shapes of rectangle, heart, square, diamond, and icebergs. All of these fit perfectly on the light-up base. The products that they offer let you personalize moments, your memories and milestones, to preserve in time. The lifelike image inside the crystal is so real, so detailed, that it made me speechless. Yes, me! Speechless! The picture I took was only a cell phone snapshot and they transformed it into the 3D Crystal I got in return. They offer 3D Greeting Cards too. 

What sizes are available?

ArtPix has something for everyone, on every budget. Keepsakes starting at $29. They have several shapes and sizes to pick from. I chose the large rectangle crystal. I felt like it was the best option for the picture I used.   They have a necklace, key chains, and wine stoppers available for customization too.  

You can choose which size you would like and which size is recommended for the number of people in your photo. I chose the rectangle crystal because it fit the picture I was using best, in my opinion. 

Rectangle Sizes:

Small:     1-2 Figures, 1.96" × 3.14" × 1.96"
Medium: 1-3 Figures, 2.75" × 3.93" × 2.36"
Large:     1-5 Figures, 3.14" × 4.72" × 2.36"
XXL:      1-6 Figures, 3.93" × 5.90" × 2.36"
XXXL:   1-8 Figures, 4.72" × 7.08" × 3.14"
Max:       1-9 Figures, 5.90" × 7.87" × 3.14"
Titan:                          7.08" × 11.22" × 3.93"

Are the 3D Crystals only available for a stand display? 

No. They offer so many options to help you create the most unique gift ever. The ArtPix3D creations are beautiful on a display but are also equally as meaningful on a keychain, necklace, or wine stopper. The colors shine through them like magic. 

Display Base

You can choose a different base option too. They offer plastic, wood, and rotating bases for the perfect look. 

I have a large black base for my crystal. The LED light is centered so the light flows through the crystal evenly. The power supply has two options. You can use AAA batteries or use the AC adapter that comes with the base. 

Light options- The base has several light options to choose from. I can't believe how beautiful the lights are in the crystal. The white 3D image is amazing and it gets even more detailed with the light shining through it. 

I have to say that I am in love with the ArtPix 3D Crystal. This is something that will be cherished for generations. What they did for my cell phone snapshot by turning it into a beautiful keepsake, is nothing short of a masterpiece. I can't wait to see what we can create with them next!

I received this product as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly or use the contact button over on the right side of the page. 

I look forward to hearing from you.

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