Caring For Your Parents as They Age

Life is a precious thing. Naturally, we age and so do our family members. Watching your parents grow older can be tough, but a certain awareness of the process can ensure that you and your parents enjoy their later years as much as possible. Everyone has a different situation and lifestyle that requires specific living situations and adjustments to provide the best care for their loved ones. Here are some different options and ideas when it comes to taking care of and spending time with your parents as they grow older.
Keeping an Open Mind

It is important to realize that all of you are experiencing this newness of growing older. The shift of your parents taking care of you to you caring for them is a big deal for the both of you. Remind yourself of this change and proceed with an open mind. When conflict arises among you and your parents, consider their point of view and approach the situation empathetically. This concept of keeping an open mind applies to their needs and opinions. Keeping open communication with your parents is vital to a healthy relationship! The goal here is to find the best solution that benefits both you and them.

Living Situations

This section specifically relates back to the fact that everyone has a different familial situation that works best for them. There are multiple options for your older parents when it comes to where they live, it mainly depends on your relationship and everyone’s financial situation.

Different living situations include:

Living with you - This could be a wonderful option or a very detrimental one depending on your relationship. Honestly acknowledge your feelings towards your parents living with you and do not feel guilty if this choice is not the answer. However, if you all get along well and you have noticed that they need more help getting around this might be the perfect option!

Assisted Living - If your parents need more direct care and supervision, assisted living could be the best solution. Depending on the specific facility, though, this might be costly. Take into account everyone’s financial situation as well as your parents’ health care.

Rentals - Renting a smaller home or apartment for your parents would allow their freedom while also keeping them close enough to you. This option allows them some independence and makes it possible for you to check on them whenever you can. This could also very on pricing, but a smaller rental unit in your area would definitely be more affordable than other options.

Fun Activities To Do Together

No matter what living situation you all decide on, it is important to maintain a good relationship with your parents and enjoy them while you can. The activities you all share together may look a little different than they used to. For example, if you all loved playing soccer in earlier years, you could now invite them to watch a soccer game with you! Other activities like antiquing, book clubs, and weekly lunches are great ideas to help keep you connected. If you want to bond together over making a meal, consider what you need to enjoy cooking.Whichever path you take when caring for your parents, choose the one that is collectively best for all of you and allows for the most love!

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