Helping Your Children Understand The Professional Side Of Sport

When kids are growing up they just want to see their favorite players do well in the sports they care about. When they get older, that’s when they start to learn about the professional side of the sport. We’re talking about transfers, buying players, selling players, investing in stadiums, managing people, tactics and strategy. But why do we have to wait until kids grow up for them to learn these things? People say they are just too small to understand what is going on. If as parents we tried to explain why their favorite player is leaving their favorite team, our boys and girls just wouldn’t get it and it would make them more upset. But here is how you can get them to be more involved in understanding sport.

Follow the team news

Many sports teams have their very own news feed on their website. This is usually for fans but it's also useful for the media. On these news feeds you can get exclusive content, hear news before it hits the airwaves and understand what is going on with the club internally. For example, if you love rugby and you want to follow the best team in the world, i.e. the All Blacks, then follow the All Blacks articles on a website that is dedicated to the sport. You get to read about the fines players are facing for poor conduct on the pitch, what managers think about strategy and where the next games will be played in the season. When your son or daughter can understand this, they can gain a fresher insight into how their favorite teams are run.

Players and money

Although for most kids, what their players do on the field matters the most. However, if they understood that sports are, after all, a business, they would not be as upset when their players move teams. Introducing them to player salaries, fines, bonuses and team finances is something that could get them interested in the sport even more. They would understand how players are valued by teams, what kind of worth they have on the open market and also, what teams they are most likely to move to. This is most prevalent during transfer windows and the off-season buying of players and signing contracts.

Teams are a business

Introducing your children to the worth of the team is going to indicate to them that success on the pitch equals success off the pitch. This is because the more a team wins, the more sponsors they get, more investors and also, more financial bonuses from the league. If they have fulfilled the regulations needed for their industry or league, they will get further bonuses. This translates to discipline and hard work, and is rewarded so that away from the sport, the team is well off. Showing this to your children could show them that they should replicate what their favorite teams are doing.

Children should not be hidden from the truth of sports and sports teams. It's a business, so they should know how fiances play a role in players’ and teams’ decisions.

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