Helping Your Elderly Relative Retain Their Dignity

In our golden years, it can be harder for us to commit to the usual daily tasks that we may have once taken for granted. It might be that we see our family more and our friends less, while also requiring a little more nurturing support during the day. Anyone with an older relative has likely been in close proximity to helping with these growing needs, and it’s not always certain just what is right for each individual.

Yet it’s also true that as we get older, we can sometimes become a little stuck in our ways, believing that we might not need the help we really do need. There’s absolutely no shame in needing an extra hand, as many of us know from our time with our elderly relatives. Yet if you find that their needs are outweighing their capabilities, and you feel they need a little extra support, it can be nice to help them with this in a manner that totally considers their autonomy, wishes, and sense of dignity.

In these situations, we’d recommend the following advice:

Keep Them Involved

It’s important to keep them involved in any planning process you might have. This is because while they might not agree with you, it’s healthier for you to discuss their potential needs rather than becoming somewhat combative about what needs to be done. For instance, perhaps it might be that having a cleaning, meal delivery or gold-standard senior caregivers service come to the household semi-regularly can be helpful and lighten the load. Keeping them involved in this process rather than just thrusting it upon them can help them feel as though they’ve been included, and are being provided for with nothing but positive intent.

Install Necessary Equipment

Installing necessary equipment into the home of your relative can serve as a massive help, and will do so without necessarily forcing them out of their abode. For instance, installing a stairlift, or a walk-in bath with seat that can easily lower, as well as handholds near the door (helping them mount the step with care), can not only prevent them from encountering an injury, but will help them unlock their freedom once more. Additionally, alarms can help you make the most of this process.

Keep Them Social

As we get older, the chances afforded to us for socializing can diminish. Or at least, that’s how it might seem on the surface. In reality, there are many opportunities to help our relatives meet other people, be that by helping them live within the best retirement community, to ensuring they have the freedom to attend weekly bus visits of the local town, or heading to an arts and crafts club, or simply bringing your child to see them once or twice week. The more social an elderly relative can be, the happier and more focused they become.

With this advice, you’re sure to help your elderly relative retain their dignity going forward.

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