Protect Your iPad with SUPLIK

How much have you spent on your devices? Tablets/iPads aren't cheap disposable products that anyone wants to purchase time and again. These big purchases we want to keep safe so we don't have to fix or replace them, right.

Well, I am here to tell you first hand, don't be like me. We got an iPad and didn't get a case with it. It got broken in less than a month. It was $90 to get a new screen put on. We said a million times, "we need to get a case for it" and just kept putting it off. I swear I never remembered while I was online shopping to order one or remembered while I was at the store. It's one of those things I only thought of after the iPad broke and I was getting it fixed that it became a regrettable decision to not have a case on it.

After we got it fixed, less than a month later, it got broken again. UGH

So, what was my reaction... We aren't getting it fixed until we get a case for it. That way, once it is fixed it can go straight in the case. The case is our little guarantee that if it falls or the dogs run across the bed (again) it won't get broken. We were happy with that decision.

We chose the SUPLIK iPad 10.2" 8th/7th Generation Case with Screen Protector for Kids. The iPad is used frequently. From gaming, surfing the web, and movies, it's only asleep when we are. We wanted something durable and functional.

Why did we pick SUPLIK?

We searched for a combination of cases that covered what we were looking for. We definitely needed something sturdy. Just in case life happened again, we wanted to be prepared. Out of the 15 global ratings, they were all good. There was nothing noted that would be a deterrent for our user needs, that's a plus. I always start with the worst reviews first.

It's inexpensive (under $10) and has a coupon with it. You really can't beat that price, especially with all of the cool features.

It has many colors to choose from. I picked blue because it's my favorite color. You can pick from black, blue, pink, red, green, teal, or purple. The colors are all bright. That is a huge plus! The bright colors stand out against things like blankets and pillows so it's easily seen. In my opinion, it's less of a target for a landing pad that way. You wouldn't believe how many times this poor iPad has been sat on or almost sat on.

It stands up. This is a great feature for watching movies and videos. It has built-in durable kickstands that keep it from leaning over. When it's chill-out time and there is a movie playing it's ok if the watcher falls asleep. It's not going to fall and hit the floor if it's already in a standing position. Same for reading, it's is a good angle for e-reading and class time.

Scratch-proof screen cover. This is a great feature! The built-in scratch-proof cover will keep it from getting scratched meaning the life of the screen will last longer and sticky fingerprints can easily be wiped away.

The size is universal to the 7th and 8th generations. We currently have the 7th generation iPad. Eventually, we will upgrade, we do every time. Since this will fit the 7 & 8 models, we can keep the case after we are done with the iPad and move to the next generation.

In the pictures, you can see just how well the SUPLIK case fits. It holds the iPad (7th gen in pictures) snugly in place. All of the controls, speakers, and charging ports are easily accessible too. There is no sound distortion, plug interference, or loss of sensitivity on the screen itself. This is the perfect case for an active iPad.  

The case is soft and comfortable to carry. The handle is a nice thickness for small and big hands to manage. The kickstands are soft and bendy while having the perfect mix of being firm and stable. 

This is a great investment for the whole family to enjoy.

I received this product for free as a gift. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly or use the contact button over on the right side of the page.

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