Jabberin' Jack Comes Alive Just In Time For Halloween!

It's coming, the cool crisp air, the orange and yellow leaves in the trees, and the scent of hay and pumpkin pie spice from every direction. Do you know what I am describing? It's only the kick-off to the best time of the year! Flannel shirts and bonfires, spooky music, too much candy corn and trick-or-treat candy stashes to lead us into the new year! Yes, oh yes! The best time of the year! 

There is only one question. When is the time to start decorating? I have been seeing so much debating on social media about this. Is August too early to get started decorating for the fall season? I am on the side of it- it's never too early to get started! As soon as the first green leaf turns a hint of brown, get those decorations out Its almost time! It's like a social duty where we live. People come from all around the world to see the leaves turn in the Smokey Mountains, we should give them the full fall feeling that they are looking for right? That's what I tell Aron anyway. That's how I justify my "excessive decorating" that he calls it. 

This whole post is dedicated to one awesome decoration that I am so excited to tell you about. It's the Jabberin' Jack digital jack-o-lantern. As soon as it came I pulled it out and had to plug it in right away. Instantly, I was giggling and on the phone with my sister and mom sending videos and pictures. This is amazing! 70 minutes of continuous play with joking, talking, jack o lantern faces, and music. It's so cute!! There are 3 pre-programmed different personalities- spooky, traditional, and funny to watch and listen to.

One main feature that I would like to mention, you can control the sound too. That means you can watch the Jabberin' Jack without having to hear Jabberin' Jack. I feel this option so much! When my girls were little and there was a decoration that they loved so they would play it over and over until the batteries died. No problem here. Turn the volume down and they can watch the facial expressions as long as they want! 

If you are wondering about the personalities, you can skip forward too. If there is a song you want to hear again, skip through the programming to get right to it. No need to wait for the playtime to cycle back around. 

What is Jabberin' Jack?

Jabberin' Jack looks like a traditional pumpkin with its classic pumpkin shape and Jack O Lantern faces. It has the perfect curved handle stem and 11" height makes it perfect for all Halloween decor. It's lightweight so even the kiddos can help to find the perfect place for it to go. 

It has a projection screen on the inside that displays the images on the face of the pumpkin. The animations make it look like Jabberin' Jack is really talking. It has all kinds of facial expressions that you would expect to see on a traditional carved pumpkin and so much more. 

The built-in speaker plays jokes, sings, and laughs so no matter what your preference, spooky or silly, Jabberin' Jack has you covered. 

How to operate Jabbering Jack

Jabbering Jack is a plug-and-play decoration. Simply plug Jabberin' Jack into an outlet or USB adapter to power him up. No batteries, charging methods, or apps are needed. As long as he is plugged in, be prepared to laugh! 

All of the controls are easy to use. It's a 3 button operation that allows you to skip sections and control the volume up and volume down. They are located above the face for easy access. The power supply along with the on/off switch is on the back. I like that the on/off switch and power adapter are located in a separate location. The buttons are easy for anyone to use, even the littlest of enthusiasts. I love decorations that are interactive for the whole family and help bring the feel of the season that much more alive.

Where does Jabberin' Jack Go?

What's even better about this decoration, it can be used indoors and outdoors. Make sure the area you are setting up is covered. Jabberin' Jack is not waterproof and only suited for dry placement.

Thanks so much to Mindscope Products and Kid Stuff PR for including us in this review. I received this product for free as a gift to facilitate this review. If you have any questions please feel free to email me directly.

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